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Friday, 29 August 2014

RSPB Rye Meads...always of interest..

Up in Essex so had to visit one of my fav reserves, Rye Meads.  Quite a few birds about; a Kingfisher flew passed the Draper Hide but didn't stop.  Didn't see any Kingfishers from the kingfisher hide today..

A Dragon (ID needed please)

A Water Vole enjoying of of its '5-a-day'

A melarge of Gadwalls having quite a viscious fight!

A few Long-tailed Tits flitting through..

One of the Little Grebe families...

and on the way out, a Rabbit under the bird feeders.

The light was dreadful and I had the wrong lens on!!  But hey.. it was great to be there :)


FAB said...

Tricia ... the 'dragon' is a female Common Darter.

I can recommend Britain's Dragonflies (3rd Edition) by Dave Smallshire & Andy Swash

Roy Norris said...

Superb shots of the vole Tricia and very special to get the Little Grebes.

Tricia Ryder said...

Frank... thanks for the ID.. I'm away from home and didn't have my Dragon/Damsel book with me.

Roy ... thank you. The little Grebe youngsters certainly get the 'aw' award :)

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