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Friday, 1 August 2014

RSPB Pulborough Brooks - Flutters and other creatures..

Needed to food shop today, so didn't go far - popped over to Pulborough Brooks.  Very quiet in terms of birdlife but lots of flutters about.  Apparently the Avocets are still there but they escaped my binoculars today :(

ON the feeders when I came in - not the best pic but not the best feather blue tit either.. looking very bedraggled..

And underneath the feeders a family of moorhens..

A posing Pigeon.

Various flutters
Meadow Brown?



erm erm - no idea..... Maurice?? :) 

 A poser!!

Again no idea... a moth perhaps?

Caterpillar of Cinnabar Moth

Common Red Damselfly?

Small Blue ?

A pleasant stroll... albeit a bit light of birds... but it's the time of year.

1 comment:

Ragged Robin said...

Hi Tricia - Not an expert on butterflies but I agree the first is Meadow Brown - female (one eyespot forewing), the second and third are Gatekeepers (two eyespots forewing). The two butterflies together are I believe both Meadow Brown and I think the last blue butterfly is Common Blue - Small Blue have different forewing and hindwing colours/patterns. The other is a Ringlet as you suggest. No idea on the insect!! but the moth is one of the "grass" micro moths probably one of the Crambidae species.

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