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Saturday, 30 May 2015

Sheffield Park... with spring colour

I had to wait in for someone to look at my broken fence today... he was late!!! grrrrr so I was delayed in getting out.

However, I went over to Sheffield Park Gardens.... and I needed a cuppa so decided it was Sconch time :D.

I have to say, the fruit scone was excellent!! a definite 5 out of 5.. so thank you to the cook at Sheffield Park.  So this gets the SIG award (Sad It's Gone)..

The cafe has been reorganised since I was last there and what an improvement.  The seating area is now in this rather splendid wood paneled room - well done on the new cafe layout and service was quick and efficient.

Mr Ponders kept me company and inspected the pond near the cafe...

The light was strange today... very glarey... and sun was in and out...

About 5 Canada Geese Goslings..

And some very cute ducklings... which some idiot had to go and pick one up and show it to his friend.... the mother duck was going frantic until he finally returned it to its Mum!!

A lovely stroll and quite warm too :)


Wilma said...

Another nice day and the scone looks wonderful. I especially like the water shots.

Roy Norris said...

Another lovely set of images Tricia.
What would the World be like without a Scone .? {:))

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