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Thursday, 1 September 2016

A short visit to Nymans and Warnham LNR

I was hungry and not far from my local NT property so I popped in to Nymans for a scone for lunch

Managed to find a table outside in the shade.. lovely :D

A very short walk.. lovely to see the grasses against the blue sky!!

A few bees around.. not many and not many flutters today... first day of Autumn..

and then to Warnham.. very quiet today.. the dozens of Greylag geese have gone.

Good to see at least 3, possible 4, Kingfishers.. they were in flight  great deal.. the only time one settled it was very far away..

Mallards were bathing..

Round by the feeders it was quiet also..

"I'm off" !!

"I know the sunflower seeds are in here" !!!

A pleasant break in the middle of the day.....

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