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Thursday, 15 September 2016

Polesden Lacey - mid September - more like June!

Well, the weather today has been amazing.. hot and sunny and more like June that mid-September..  I suspect, however that is all about to change.  Whilst the weekend looks good for weather tomorrow.. black clouds and heavy rain for my area.

Met a friend and we walked at Polesden...

We got there as the site opened and, on windless day, it was very tranquil..

We walked along the long walk... firstly saw a stoat or weasel (too far away to tell) which had caught  young rabbit.  The adult rabbit briefly appeared as the stoat/weasel disappeared into the hedge with its prey... immediately this happened a kestrel appeared.

I didn't have the 'right' camera/lens for bird shots so pleased to get this record shot.. the kestrel stayed for a few minutes.

choosing to perch on the placard showing one of the photograph entries for Polesden Lacey 'Lazy Summer' photographic competition..

We stopped for lunch - mine a fruit scone... which didn't have Ponders in it :(

and walking through the Rose Garden.. I espied up on the roof of the Water Tower - a Wheatear!!

(only a record shot - and that's stretching it a bit.. wrong camera/lens for shots like this)

The Rose Garden was still in full bloom looking more like June than mid-September!!

The newly thatched bridge house..

and borders of wild flowers - Cosmos!

In the vegetable garden... pumpkins growing

Mr. Ponders - posed!!
 and 45 minutes later we walked back through the Rose Garden.. the Wheatear was still there on top of the Water Tower!

A lovely morning walking - really hot!! May be the last 'summer' day this year.....

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