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Tuesday, 6 September 2016

Bourton-on-Water and Charlecote Park

Fate conspired so I left home this morning a little later than planned..  however, arrived in Bourton-on-Water...and parked... currently the car park has no charges so that was a bit of a bonus.

Last time I was here I lost my mobile phone.. this time I was more careful!!

Had a wander along the stream an through the village before stopping for a coffee and toasted tea-cake for breakfast!!

In a shop window!!

Ponders and Fido watching the ducks...

A green mini - still looks the same..

Couldn't believe my eyes.. a show window dressed for Christmas....

So said farewell to Bourton and headed off for Charlescote Park..

Knowing there would be deer in the park, I had the right lens on the camera for a change!!  A distant herd as I started my walk..

The Parterre garden looking very colourful...

And the lads enjoying the view over the river..

And so lunch.. when I walked into the cafe... no fruit scones!!  but after asking a trayful appeared...  it was tasty!!

and the deer appeared again. the seemed to all be Fallow bucks!

Just at the edge of the lake, a mute swan cygnet... seemed to be on its own

Then into the house

There be mice around... ;)

A new friend......

and the sun came out finally..  it's been horribly humid all day.. so glad the clouds cleared for a bit..

Your carriage awaits...

there's a local airfield nearby... this plane coming into land...

I then headed off to where I am staying... lovely day.... and great to have some sunshine at the end of it...

1 comment:

Simon Douglas Thompson said...

Love the penguin, and your shots of the dear are great, the resting lazy males getting thier strength together to rut.

Fido the lion. Odd name for a lion, in a modern context

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