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Thursday, 20 October 2016

Bologna Day 3 - Parma

(Fri 14 Oct 2016)

Well, the forecast was dreadful... heavy showers/rain was forecast so we decided we'd go to Parma rather than just potter about locally.. given we were going to get wet wherever we went.

So off to the station; bought the tickets straightforwardly... no problems there!!

BUT, I'd looked at the departures board, identified what I thought to be our train and the relevant platform.. we boarded the train... the realised it was the wrong train! Leapt up to get out only to find the doors locked and the train then pulled out.  OK.. get off at next station - a couple of guards were going past so I asked if train was for Parma?  No.. was the reply - next stop Milan!!  They were very good and didn't charge us the extra for the longer journey!!  Pete was surprisingly calm about this and I was very very angry with myself for not checking the departures board properly!

However, we finally arrived and then got the train to Parma.  By now we were hungry as it was lunchtime.  So we had a pasta meal - I had a 2nd glass of wine, and the waiter topped up Pete's glass which was on the house :D ..

We started our stroll ..

hmmm a little on the damp side

The Duomo

The Baptistry

Inside the Baptistry

Stunning cathedral & baptistry!!

and back out into very heavy rain.. and so dark even though only early afternoon still

Some amazing graffiti - giving out a very strong message about the problems that litter/rubbish can cause to wildlife.

and so to the station for the one hour-ish journey back to Bologna.... and the walk from the station to the hotel?  shall we just say..... the "swim" from station to hotel..even walking back through the arcades we were wet.

Thank goodness we'd booked a table in the hotel restaurant again and didn't have to go out and get wet - again!!

I really liked Parma and one day I want to go back and discover a lot more of the town..

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