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Tuesday, 18 October 2016

Lucca Day 4 .. wandering around the Town

(Tue 11 Oct 2016)

The weather wasn't very promising for today so we stayed local and had a wander around the town.

Firstly into the Duomo

Firstly into the

The off through the town again...

Passed this Mini... my daughter's had a similar one and years ago I has the estate version :)

Very sensible observation :)

One of the city gates..

You don't find gardens in Italy towns as you would expect to see in the UK..

We found this by accident... it was a Convent... we had a wander inside... very calming..

Then up to the tope of the Torre Guinigi for some views over the town... bit on the dull side still :(

around the town..

San Frediano

and this was our last day in Lucca, tomorrow.. two trains and off to Bologna..

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