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Thursday, 20 October 2016

Bologna Day 4 - A day in Ferrara

(Sat 15 Oct 2016)

Given the problem we'd had buying the train tickets for Modena two days previously, when we returned to Bologna station we bought tickets ready for our planned trip to Ferrara today.

It was cloudy when we started out, but at least it was dry today.  Arrived at the station and walked down into the main part of town.

Ferrara has a fine Ducal Palace, a Moated Castle - the Castello di San Michele and a Cathedral - we visited both the Castle and Cathedral.

and as we approached, the Moated Castle came into view... skies still grey at this point but we were to see the sun later.

In the courtyard....

Mr Ponders gazed..

and then into the Castle - the public area is a Museum..

part of the visit took us to the dungeons.... yuck!! even me being vertically challenged had to bend double to get through the doorway!! (no pics)

In 2012 there was an earthquake which resulted in many cracks in the plasterwork.. hence the tape over the pictures!

We stopped in the Piazza just outside the castle for a coffee  ...

Graffiti but very pretty!!

and a wander around a, mostly food, market

We arrived at the Duomo just as it was closing... so we investigated the town further ..... coming back later in the day to see the inside..

We had a saunter through other parts of the town, and then looked for somewhere for lunch ending  up here...

After a pleasant lunch we were still a bit early to visit the Cathedral which wasn't reopening until 3.00 p.m. and, lo and behold, the clouds cleared and the sun came out!!

Fido had a lift on Pete's shoulder :) ..

The Castle looked different in sunshine!

there was a park nearby..

we must have seen at least 14 lizards!!

and by now the Cathedral was open and we could go in.  Given the outside was 'under wraps' the not possible to have a look at the exterior but click here for a picture of the impressive front on the building

It really is a beautiful building and interior!!

and so back to the station for our last meal and night of the hols and in Bologna.... :(

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Simon Douglas Thompson said...

Not every day that Ponders gets to take in the sights of the renaissance

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