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Saturday, 29 October 2016

Parham House and Gardens.. at Halloween..

As it's Halloween and half-term week, Parham House & Garden was open this weekend, and I need to stay fairly local at the moment

It's a grey grey day but nonetheless, got there as it opened.  There were Fallow Deer visible in the park  and not too far away as I drove through.. managed to get this picture from the car

some lovely Autumn colour....

There was a Falcontry company present.. I didn't take many pics of the birds at this point.. the light was dreadful and they were under cover..

European Eagle Owl

Barn Owl

Billie hadn't been out for a while, so Fido generously stayed at home so Billie could get some fresh air..

Some rather colourful veg..

A miniature house for children.. although it was shut today.

Billie thought the balcony was much more his size...

Even ducks need to be prepared..

There was a Falconry display taking place in a bit,  so after a sandwich and cuppa for lunch

The light was dreadful but I wanted to try some birds-in-flight shots.. not done so with this camera..


Harris Hawk (I think....)

and then it started to rain.. so decided to head off ..

1 comment:

Simon Douglas Thompson said...

Very elegabt looking eagle owl that, most of them look quite squat and chunky

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