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Wednesday, 4 June 2008

A Day at the Seaside

Hoorah - today the sun shone and what a difference it makes. Spent the day with Mum and we had a drive along the coast from Worthing (West Sussex) travelling west to Kingston Gorse.

At the beginning of the route is the fishing boat; it's always there but today the fisherman was selling his catch from earlier on in the day.

Worthing Council have planted a very pleasant garden in the shingle at the top of the beach and used plants that a) are happy in salty seaside air and b) are resistant to drought. Whilst we had seen the garden before, it was in the winter and today, in (almost) summer, there it was in all it's glorious colour.

Leaving Worthing we then headed on to Kingston Gorse which is one of our favourite stops. Had a walk along the greensward, watching various flying things - not all of them with feathers though.

The tide was high and still coming in so the Turnstones had gathered at the waters edge. We spent an entertaining time watching them fly up as the waves hit the shore.
(Pictures will display better (subject matter is quite small) if you click on each pic to enlarge it)

A really good day and so unexpected (albeit very welcome) after yesterday's dreary rain.


Goosey said...

Lovely pictures, will keep looking at your site. BW Goosey

Border Reiver said...

I like the sculpture, good to see a council providing such an interesting area. Oh to be by the seaside. The coast near me is an estuary, not quite the same, but good for birds.

oldcrow61 said...

Lovely pictures. The flowers are wonderful.

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