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Saturday, 28 June 2008

Poet Laureate in the family

On my return from Barnes, I found I'd been left a very precious present by my Daughter and Grandson.

"Little Laureate 2008 (Surrey)" is a book that has just been published by Young Writers. An extract from the Forward states:

Quote "This year's Young Writers competition has proven as vibrant and dynamic as ever.... Each poem has been selected from a wealth of Little Laureates 2008 entries before ultimately being published in this, our seventeenth primary school poetry series." Unquote.

This is one of the poems; I think it's great - it is written by my 10-year old Grandson :)who's appeared in many of my blogs.

What is a Star?
A star is like a diamond in the sky shining bright,
A star is like a ship sailing and shining through the night,
A star is like a ghost that fades in the day's light,
A star is a tiny sun shining in the high sky,
A star is a gateway to another world glistening and shining,
But everyone knows a star is a gateway to Heaven.

Well done young man - it's a beautiful poem and thank you both for the gift.

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