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Thursday, 5 June 2008

Which Dragonfly?

Very early this morning I noticed something moving on a blade of pond grass. On closer inspection it was a large newly-emerged Dragonfly. Unfortunately it was in the shade at this point and very low down so taking any decent picture was not on.

However, I then noticed that there were three separate discarded skins of the larva (two of which were still attached to a leaf and one in the pond water) so have to assume that two emerged yesterday when I was away from home.

Now the point is - what are they? A single wing measured 5cms (about 2") it's total length was 10cms (about 4"). and I consulted my Dragons ID book and believe it's most likely to be an Emperor Dragonfly - although I'd really like it to be one of the Emeralds; unlikely I know but Brilliant Emeralds are seen not too far from where I live.

If you know what it is, I'd be pleased if you would leave a comment.

If only the Dragonfly could have waited till the sun came over the pond...


Eagleseagles said...

Looks like an immature Emperor Dragon to me...but then I'm only learning!


Pete said...

emeralds early july. keep the first weekend free for esher common!!

Tricia said...

Pete - The Emerald was wishful thinking! The weekend is in my diary - in biro!! :)

Corinna - thanks for your comment - I've got my L plates on too!

Island Rambles Blog said...

I love how you got the wings to look so translucent and glossy...cheers.

Tricia said...

Thanks Ocean :)

Abraham Lincoln said...

Thanks for answering my email and reminding me of your blog.

I like your photographs of the dragon flies. I don't have these but do have the single-set-of-wings, damsel flies, and get to take their pictures each summer.

I am not up to date on birds from around the world and have plenty of problems trying to keep up with those found mostly in the midwest where I live -- Brookville, Ohio.

With Global Warming, I am getting new birds that never came here in the 46 years we have lived here.

I have three blogs. A birds blog which is recently started, and a blog called Abe's Town which is a kind of experimental blog but there are bird pictures on it too. And, finally, my Brookville Daily Photo where you can find birds and everything else including a picture of me with my shorts being held up with clothes pins.

Thanks again.

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