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Thursday, 19 June 2008

Off on hols with new lens.

Today - my grandson reaches the age of 11. So
A VERY HAPPY BIRTHDAY and Birthday Hugs TO J :)

Tomorrow I'm off on holiday and visiting Devon. Currently the weather forecast for Friday and Saturday? Heavy rain - oh joy!!

I'm hoping to update my blog whilst there as there is an Apple Mac provided for visitor's use.

I'm staying in the same place as the previous two years and in both those years, Swallows have been nesting so I'm hoping for a repeat performance. In fact, the picture that is the banner (at the top of my blog), is four (of) the young Swallows that kept me company last year.

Yesterday my new lens arrived. I have a Sigma 18 - 50mm which is absolutely great for landscapes and a Canon 100-400 IS USM zoom lens which is great for wildlife, but it's very heavy (1.6 kilos!) so I was looking for a lens suitable for carrying about - reasonably lightly - that would cover most eventualities. So I've just acquired a Canon 70 - 300 IS USM lens and today I was experimenting in the garden.

A bit of a mixture of subjects and was concentrating mostly at the 300mm range. It's quite windy here today, so all-in-all I was pleased with the results. Just a few examples of the longer focal length range.

Delighted that I've got my summer visitor of a Nuthatch again.

Large Red Damselfly

Azure Blue Damselflies

Petunia Million Bells


Waterlily in the pond


Holly berries for ripening. This year the holly tree
is covered in berries in large groups as picture here.
Hopefully, in the Autumn the Redwings will visit as usual
and stay around for a few days to feast on the ripened berries.

1 comment:

Border Reiver said...

Whatever the weather, the west country is wonderful. As I write this at 6.30am, it's still sunny in Somerset. Safe trip and looking forward to the photos.

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