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Wednesday, 30 July 2008

Flutters at last

My day started at about 5.00 a.m. when someone's car or burglar alarm went off. Really annoying as I did not want to be awake. However, by the time 6 o'clock showed it's face I was wide awake and out of bed.

There's so much needing doing in the garden that, after a lazy start to the day, this was where my morning time was spent. The scent of the buddleia was powerfully pleasant in the sun and a Comma butterfly decided it liked it too. Very pleased to see it there as there haven't been than many recently.

I needed more bird food so this afternoon found me at Black Pond on Esher Common again - well it's not that far from my bird-food shop! As I was scanning the reeds with my binoculars (and picking up the Grey Heron in its favourite spot), across my line of vision flew a Kingfisher - pure chance; I wouldn't have thought it was Kingfisher terrain so I'm assuming s/he was on it's way somewhere else.

No Dragonflies around so from there I stopped off at West End on the way home. The usual Mallards around, and the family of three cygnets are still there and growing really quickly. A couple of Egyptian Geese have swelled the numbers in the Prince of Wales Pond - not seen any there before and about five Black-headed Gulls were pirouetting above the pond before settling down on the water.

Comma Butterfly on Buddleia

Wind was blowing too much for a clearer picture.

Reflections on Black Pond

Mallard at Prince of Wales Pond on West End Green

Two Egyptian Geese have arrived.

Black headed Gulls whirling about the pond.


st said...

Not seen a comma as yet. some lovely pics here.

Tricia said...

Was my first one this year ST - nice to see you here :)

oldcrow61 said...

Great pictures Tricia. I find the first picture of reflections on Black Pond magical.

Tricia said...

Thanks OC - there was definitely something about this spot with the dappled sun coming through the trees. It's one of my favourite places!

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