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Wednesday, 23 July 2008

Heat, a picnic, and help needed with Butterflies and Moths!

My grandson had his first day of the school holidays today and spent it with me. At his request we took a picnic into Richmond Park.

A very hot and humid day with a great deal of cloud about - not very comfortable! Whilst we were enjoying our lunch, a very young puppy - called Freda - came bounding over (who calls a dog Freda!?). The downside of this being that Freda trampled all over our lunch - which we then couldn't eat!; fortunately we had finished the majority of it!!

The owner merely grabbed the puppy and advised us "that it wasn't trained yet as it was too young" - in that case, why on earth did they let it run off on its own then!! I'm of the party that strongly advises that owners of the dogs should be trained - and preferably before they own a dog! Words fail me at times.

With that we walked a bit then headed back to the car and kiosk where we enjoyed ice creams - which partly made up for our ruined lunch. Hey ho - 'tis life!

It was mostly an insect day today - bees, moths, butterflies and other flying beasties were everywhere - great stuff!

But it makes be realise that I need to gen up on IDing most of them.

(Many thanks to Cheryl and Lynmiranda for help with IDs. )

This one plant of Ragwort played host to most of my "finds"

1. Small Copper

2. Small Skipper

3. I believe this is a Meadow Brown?

And now (3a) on the left - I'd like to think Gatekeeper but..
and (3b) on the right - Meadow Brown

4. The caterpillar of a Cinnabar Moth
pretty certain about this one!

5. OK on this one too - Six-spot Burnet (Moth)

Now these I CAN manage:
Two of three cygnets..

Coot and Black-headed Gull - not on speaking terms obviously!

and a Fallow Buck - they're so pretty at this time of the year especially!


Cheryl said...

Hi Tricia....I THINK your butterfly are the small copper.....small skipper....and as you said the meadow brown.....

Ragwort is a wonderful wildflower....I grow it in a fenced of area here, as it is potentially fatal to livestock....and I am surrounded by sheep and cattle farmers....

Lovely post....

Jan said...

I've got ragwort in my garden too, it just sort of appeared, farm land with sheep alongside - ooops. It's very pretty and attracts all manner of insects, but it's murder for allergies and has me sneezing my head off sometimes.

Sorry about your lunch, pups should be on a lead.

Old Wom Tigley said...

I also have a patch of Ragwort for just this reason.. sorry can't help with the butterfly, but wanted you to know how much I enjoyed your post.

Lynmiranda said...

Hi Tricia,

I think your picture no.1 is a Small Copper. Picture no.2 a Small Skipper.

Tricia said...

Tom and Jan - thanks. I'm going to look for some to plant in my garden too!

Cheryl and Lynmiranda - thanks for the IDs. I've edited my post to reflect this. Cheers!

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