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Saturday, 19 July 2008

I want to break free...

Today started grey and had food shopping to do. As I left the supermarket it started to brighten up and I felt the urge to go out and do something other than stay in my local area; I've had my activities curtailed a little in the last week.

So after a quick sandwich I jumped in the car and headed down to West Sussex, to Nymans House and Gardens. Whilst this is somewhere that my mother likes to go (and is local to her), today I wanted to explore the woodland areas which are not suitable for wheelchair users.

After a very steep downward journey through the woods and along the paths I came across the lake. Eventually, I had to climb up again which I did to see some superb views.

After that a tour round the garden with views of the outside of the house.

Went for a cuppa but as there was a long queue, and I had some water and a cereal bar with me, I wasn't going to pay or wait - so had an impromptu "tea break" on the grass. This is the National Trust's description of Nymans House and Gardens

The Nymans Estate is the achievement of three generations of the Messel family. Created in the 20th century it is one of the great gardens of the Sussex Weald, internationally known for its beauty, atmosphere and collection of rare and important plants. There are wonderful views over the Sussex countryside towards the South Downs. Rooms on the ground floor of the house are displayed largely as the family would have used them in the early part of the 20th century. The ruins, left by a fire in 1947, form a romantic backdrop to the garden. The 110 hectares (275 acres) of woodland include walks, a conifer avenue and the lake.
(Note: to get the sense of size of the area, pictures can
be enlarged, by clicking on them)

Still walking down, down,

and down...

until reaching the lake

Having walked for a while and then back up to the top
this view greeted me....

At the top of the gardens, a summer house

and amazingly blue hydrangeas

The ruins of the house

This tree is enormous - note the people sitting on a seat
in the bottom right hand corner of the picture

The Dovecote

Another huge tree. The topiary hedges below it are
about 6 feet tall!

This is the top of the gateway that you can see at the far
end of the picture above


Carin Fuchs said...

I like the 'skeleton' of the house, still has a great dignity.
What a well cared for garden that is, though for my taste a bit to neat. OK, ok, the truth is, it is just pure envy what made me write the above, because I am such a useless gardener. LOL LOL LOL LOL LOL

oldcrow61 said...

A lovely place. I can just picture people in horses and carriages pulling up to the house for some sort of gala. I like that fountain very much. Great pictures.

The Gorse Fox said...

The Gorse Fox visited Nymans a year or two back. It was magical.

Good photos.

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