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Thursday, 10 July 2008

Still no Brilliants

Having read some information from the British Dragonfly Society's site about where the Brilliant Emerald dragonflies had been spotted on Esher Common, I decided that I would venture out onto the common again today to find Middle Pond. This was a new area for me.

I set off in sunshine and clouds and walked some way following the map. However, I think new footpaths must have been trod and I couldn't find footpaths/bridleways in the correct place.

I decided to drive a little further up the road, and tackle things from the other end.

And, yippee, it was much easier following the map and I found Middle Pond. Whilst this is not nearly as big as Black Pond it is entirely different. Black Pond is surrounded, on nearly all banks, by tall growing reeds with just a small area from where you can see the pond. Middle pond is surrounded by, in the main, deciduous trees and boasts some water-lillies as well. Also there are more areas where you can get to the water's edge.

Whilst I've spoken to someone from the BDS already today, I'm hoping to hear back from someone who has more local knowledge and subsequently, knows the best place for spotting the Emeralds. Fingers crossed....

(Oh - it starting raining as I got back to the car!)

Proof that I found it..


Cheryl said...

What a beautiful could leave your problems there I am sure......hope you find the emerald dragonfly soon.....

oldcrow61 said...

ooooh, what a lovely spot. Good luck with finding an emerald dragonfly.

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