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Saturday, 13 March 2010

A day of three parts.

Well the morning started with a sighting of the Great Spotted Woodpecker that's been drumming away for the past three weeks or so! Finally I spotted him high up in the Oak Tree.

This is about the top quarter of the tree as seen from the rear of my house.
And you MAY just about spot the Woodie in the centre of this picture!!

In the pond, life was fairly frenzied as at least 9 frogs were actively involved in spawning!
My pond is NOT large; the longest curve is about 7 feet and the maximum across is 5 feet. It's about 18 - 20 inches deep in the deepest part.

I haven't a polarizing filter that fits my lens, and these two were below the water do I was surprised that a maanged a picture at all! And no, I didn't dive in with my scuba gear!

Considerable amount of spawn seem to be added each morning..

"Who you looking at?"
In this melee you should see four frogs. If you see any more, please tell me ;)

So after the excitement of early morning I headed off for Barnes. So little about but the lizards were making visits... great - I shall be back!
I bumped into a fellow birder who had been visiting Bushy earlier and seen about 4 Treecreepers simultaneously. I didn't see any but..

the first Goslings of the year. Four Egyptian Geese Goslings in the Woodland Gardens. They stayed under Mum all the time so I relied on someone else to have advised me of the four!

After considerable wiggling to stay under Mum, one finally had a quick glimpse out at the big wide world!

Not far away, a female Mallard was having a wash and brush up..

when her partner joined in..

A squirrel stopped to stare about..

And on my way out, I heard, then finally tracked down, this little Wren.

Then off to the supermarket so I could eat this weekend! :D
A varied but interesting day.


Chris said...

Hi Tricia,
It looks like you got a great day and I'm amazed you are already taking pictures of chicks and spawning of frogs!! Incredible... here the birds are just coming back and they did not even started courting yet!

Bob Bushell said...

A good tale, Tricia. I was surprised that the lizard was out already, I thought that it came in April.

Mel said...

Hi Tricia!
I wish I had a Woodpecker on my backyard!
Lovely post, as usual.
Hugs from Peru,

holdingmoments said...

That's a lot of spawn in your pond Tricia. Imagine if they all grew into frogs. You'd be over run with them.
Those Egyptian Geese haven't wasted much time have they. lol
I hope we don't get a cold snap.

Anonymous said...

Lovely goslings and the little Wren Tricia.
You in scuba gear. {;))

Tricia said...

Chris - we're saying Spring is late this year but in effect, this is more the usual timing.

Bob - I think this is when the males come out and start to get ready for Spring activities!

Mel - they're lovely birds aren't they!

Keith - and there's more each day at the moment. The water's fairly churning in the mornings! and yes, just as well it's not all successful!

Roy - was lucky with the wren. Heard it singing away and finally found it but against the light! And no - scuba gear is not for me ;)

Naturedigital said...

Good Morning Tricia...
Love your photographs..
Love the beauties in them..
Have a nice day..

avalon said...

How adorable the little goslings and your pond certainly looks like a hive of activity at the moment!
Great photo of the mallard too. Glad you had a good day x

Wilma said...

What fun to see all that is going on in your neck of the woods! We still have patches of snow around, but the grass and wildflowers are beginning to green up and our garden pond (about the same size as yours)has completely thawed. I think I will go look for frogs!


Warren Baker said...

you sure have found spring over there Tricia, i'm well jealous of the frogs, Inever get any in my ponds :-(

Tricia said...

Hi Costas - good to see you here again :D And thank you for your lovely comment!

J (Avalon) - they are too cute for words!! and thank you x

Wilma - still got snow!! But good to hear you're wildflowers are starting to make themselves known! Good luck with your frog hunt !

Warren - If they feel like running away from home, I'll suggest they head off to your patch ;)

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