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Sunday, 14 March 2010

Woo hoo - it's Spring!

As today was Mothering Sunday in the UK, I headed off for Sussex to spend the day with Mum. My brother was cooking Sunday lunch for us and my daughter and grandson were going to join us.

The sun was shining brilliantly, the sky was blue and the birds were singing their little socks off. What a wonderful day and too good to stay indoors. We headed off to the top of a hill which overlooks Ferring and Angmering - we believe it's Chantry Hill. We climbed up (in the car of course..) to the top of the hill where we had stunning views over the Sussex countryside to the sea beyond. In the far distance was a large flock of sheep with spring lambs.... lovely :d

We drove back slowly through the village of Amberley - a quintessential English village full of thatched cottages and houses.

Finally home to Mum's for an excellent lunch in equally excellent company. Thanks Bro for the cooking! :D

The other day I was in Painshill Park and experimenting shooting in RAW format. In fact the pictures above and below were all taken with my Canon 20D in RAW and then converted to resize for the web.

Again the sun was shining but it was not nearly as warm as it was today... But the still water created wonderful reflection opportunities!

These trees are magnificent and the pictures doesn't do them justice. Saw one or two Nuthatches around here.


Midmarsh John said...

It has been lovely to see some sunshine and lose the frosts. Great scenic shots and I am fascinated with that bridge. Very spooky looking.

holdingmoments said...

Sunshine really makes a difference doesn't it. Lovely shots Tricia.
Great detail in that thatched house.

digibirder said...

Ah, lovely sunshine! Glad you had a good Mother's Day. Excellent images.

mick said...

Beautiful photos from the top of that hill. You mention shooting in RAW - I would be interested to hear what you consider the benefits to be. I do know that the files are less compressed - but do you think the extra is worth it just for posting to the web?

Roy said...

Lovely scenery Tricia. Sussex by the sea.

Tricia said...

John - thank you and yes, hasn't the sun been wonderful :D The Bridge is in fact one of the follies at Painshill. It's the grotto and purley man-made. At weekends you can go through it (the main part is on the left-hand side of the water). It's fascinating to see how it's made.

Keith - it does indeed! I think shooting in RAW makes a difference.

Digi - thanks and was a good day. I'm trying to shoot more in RAW and thanks for your advice :D

Mick. I'm not a techie and can't explain why in that way. I use RAW because it seems to give me greater detail in the image and generfally better control when editing - it is also lossless so editing is not going to reduce quality. I have to convert the RAW pics to other formats such as tiff and/or jpeg to upload them.

I use my pictures for many reasons other than on the web. When printing it makes a difference.

Roy - I think West Sussex is somewhere I could live quite happily.

Warren Baker said...

yep, spring is here, birds bees and flutterby's!

Oh to live in countryside as shown in you photo's - not a person in sight lovely!

mick said...

Thanks Tricia, I always admire your photos and I appreciate your ideas.

oldcrow61 said...

I love the thatched cottages. Is that really a bridge...fabulous!

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