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Tuesday, 16 March 2010

Sunshine and birds..

Well what an amazing day! The sun shone warmly again!! I was just heading off in the general direction of RSPB Pulborough Brooks when I got a call from friend Hugh who was at Barnes. I'd promised Hugh that I would show him where the "lizard" spot was, so I turned the car around (oh boy - was it heavy!!) and headed off in a more northerly direction!

Arrived and we started to wander along. This robin was celebrating the Spring-like day with its wonderful song. Really lifted the spirits!

We then bumped into Rosemary who identified several Shovelers that were circling high above us! Thanks Rosemary.

A bit further along, this female Stonechat had the three of us entertained for about 1/2 an hour. She sat, perched, flew above our heads and took up her perch again. There were several gnats (or the like!) around and they seemed to be a meal opportunity.

A bumble bee buzzed by and we saw a flutter - it was gone in a flash and I didn't get a chance to see what it was but... it was a flutter!! Woo hoo.

And further around, a blue tit was flitting about near a nest box!

Saw about 4 Little Grebes in different places; this one was fishing and bobbing about!

A cuppa and a bite to eat - sitting outside in the sunshine with no jackets on!!!! and we headed off around the Wildside. A female Mallard walked along the wall
and this pair of Shovelers were circuling to stir up possibilites for the next snack..

A Ringed Teal in the "collection" was preening but I couldn't resist her wonderful colours!

Not many birds about near enough for pictures but 7 Snipe were seen in one spot; the "management" of the Wetland Centre have now allowed the water levels to drop which means the waders have a better chance.

Finally time to brave the A3 traffic to home. A rewarding day out in good company.


Chris said...

Hi Tricia,
These ARE a lot of birds compare to what happens here... I went to a lake in the evening yesterday and despite a huge effort saw nothing.... I love the ringed teal, the colors and feather patterns are beautiful...
Well done on the female stonechat and the robin, these are excellent shots! Looks like you are getting spring. When I think that we still got snow flakes this morning!!!

Roy said...

Hi Tricia, lovely female Stonechat, they are a super bird for watching and photographing. I have often seen Shovelers circling around in the water to stir up food, clever ducks.

Wilma said...

Thanks for sharing your warm and sunny day of birdwatching. It rained steadily all day here and felt quite chilly. I have been meaing to tell you how much I like your banner photo. It makes me happy each time I see it. :-)


Glo said...

Lovely to see the sunshine ~ no wonder the birds are singing so sweetly! Sounds like a lovely time you had with your friends, birds ...and humans :)

holdingmoments said...

Cracking shots of the Stonechat Trish. I've never managed a decent picture.
Loved the singing Robin too.
Did you find any lizards?

Phil said...

Hi Tricia.
Great blog and lovely photo's. I particularly like Stonechats because of their obliging nature. Very helpful for a photographer at my level!
Thanks for visiting my blog recently and leaving your nice comment.

Tricia said...

Chris - sorry you're still a bit short on birds - sometime soon I hope you will have some. Ringed Teal are marvellous aren't they!

Roy - she was really obliging and stayed around grabbing insects for quite a while!

Wilma - not more rain!! oh dear! I'm so glad you like the "laughing" mallard - she does cheer us up doesn't she!

Glo - nice to see you here again. It was a good morning and the sun makes such a hugh difference.

Keith - thank you and you will get one one day - with your success with pictures it's inevitable!

Yes there were two lizards there again but |I didn't take any pictures this time. They seem to come out when there's sun and warmth and just sit and sunbathe. Come down to Barnes (when you're ready)) and I'll be your guide.

Phil - thank you for your visit. They are obliging birds aren't they and wonderful to have it so close. I shall be popping back to your blog....

Midmarsh John said...

The Sun certainly cheers up two and four legged creatures. Bird song is becoming more varied.

Lovely captures of the Stonechat.

Warren Baker said...

Dont the Blue Tits look colourful now the spring is here ?

karen said...

Another beautiful set of pics Tricia, love the stonechat and bluetit pics!!Hes got a real crest on his head!!! Lovely x

oldcrow61 said...

You do have wonderful adventures with your camera. Imagine, bees out already! I won't see any for some time yet.

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