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Sunday, 11 April 2010

Barnes and Bushy

Yesterday I had a trip over to Barnes (London Wetland Centre). Highlight of the day was a couple of Water Voles; they were fighting so we assumed 2 x males. They were hiding for most of the time but just occasionally they swam along the little stream.

They always look so odd to me when they're swimming - sort of elongated!

This spot seemed to be the place it always returned to.. and this was the best shot I could get!

But one of the did stop for a quick wash and brush up!

I heard Cetti's Warblers in at least three places and I'd just got my camera onto this Wren when a Cetti's popped up along side it! Then immediately disappeared! Typical! It was the only one I was going to see.

A Mallard posed in the wonderfully warm sun !

Snake's Head Fritillaries seem to have appeared almost overnight.

And my first Peacock flutterby sighting. Think this may be an over-wintering one given it's got a lump missing from (it's ) left wing.

Another two firsts for the season - a Shield Bug
and a Ladybird.. pity they couldn't have chosen something more attractive to land on.
and a Hoverfly - dashing about as usual; so only a record shot!
It was wonderfully warm yesterday (Saturday) and it was great to just wander around without a coat/jacket.... but today - cold wind and out early this morning I had my gloves on. What contrasts in our weather!!

And today - having a walk in Bushy I heard, then saw, a Goldcrest!! woo hoo.


Pete said...

some nice pics Trish

Mark Fellowes said...

Excellent vole shots - must get down there for a go myself!

holdingmoments said...

Good shots of the voles Tricia, and what a beautiful plant the Snake's Head Fritillary is.
Well done with the Cetti's sighting. Not easy are they lol

Roy said...

Lovely to see the Goldcrest Tricia and "Ratty" as well.

Bob Bushell said...

Lovely the Water Vole, and the ending, Goldcrest, was hiding away.

Simon Taylor said...

Great Vole shots and great post. Very intresting reading...

Janine said...

The water vole does look strange as it swims. Great shots and nice capture of the goldcrest!

Tricia said...

Thanks Pete :)

Mark - they're not easy to find though but def worth a try.

Keith - thank you. The fritillaries are great spring-time colour!

Roy - was thrilled to see the goldcrest; had to search though but could hear it long before I could find it!

Bob - you're right about the Goldcrest hiding away!

Simon - thank you - I was pleased to get the Vole out in the open for a change!

Janine - Thank you and yes, when it's swimming it's not nearly as cute and cuddly as when it's sitting nibbling!!

digibirder said...

Well done on the water vole.

It was a nice day here, too. About time.

Gaina said...

The Hoverfly is amazing! I wish my 'record shots' where that good :).

Tricia said...

Thanks Digi - Thanks - it was just pure luck! And yes- about time we felt warm and saw more sun!

Gaina - Thank you. It took me abut 1/2 hour to get a passable shot. One minute they hover, then the next - they're gone!! This one nearly escaped out of the picture altogether!

Linda Yarrow said...

Lovely pictures Tricia, I would love to see a water vole, they are so cute:)

karen said...

I just adore your Water vole pics Tricia xx they are lovely, and yes they look a funny shape!! But extremely cute xx also love the insect shots xx thankyou x

Glo said...

It's always good to see what you have found on your nature travels ~ and such a super variety today :)

oldcrow61 said...

Love the Vole. How good it is to see some insects. I'm so looking forward to seeing them here.

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