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Wednesday, 21 April 2010

A bit of a difference..

I'm way behind with my blog posts of wildlife but will catch up eventually.

I was going to spend the day catching up with housework etc. I decided that the dust had settled very comfortably so who was I to disturb its peace? The grass, if cut, will only grow again, so I could be saving time.... The washing was happy left on its on in the washing machine.... it didn't need my company ;) and as I have a new camera and the sun was shining I decided I should put it through its paces.

It's relatively compact camera as I needed less weight to carry around when I was using the large lens and the dSLR and I wanted one that I could slip into my pocket.

I needed to get to grips with the various settings, but mostly I was using Aperture Priority. I stuck to Jpeg rather than Raw as I had yet to test downloading the new make of camera.

The sun was very warm - ooooh; the sky was blue - ahhhh! the air was fresh - mmmmm - I think Spring HAS to be my favourite season.

So I stayed local and wandered around the Hampton Court area..

Along the River Thames...

and over the bridge..

to cross the road and look downstream towards Hampton Court Palace

slight detour to have a look along the river

This picture is the only one (of two) that I've edited in anyway. I've heavily cropped this to bring out the Robin. The lens is a 20 mm so I'm rather pleased with the result. It's not really the lens for heavily cropping for wildlife!!

and it works quite well in close up too.

this is the second (of two) edited pics. Again it's really just cropped.

Time to go home, but not before I had my first ice-cream of the Spring (with a chocolate twist) sitting at the river side watching the world, boats, ducks and geese go by. Ahhhhh Bliss!!

And I'm rather pleased with the output of the camera. Need to get to grips with the settings a bit more and perhaps the exposure needs looking at, but......

Your views on picture quality would be appreciated :D


Richard said...

Great pictures from that little camera. You definitely gave it a workout.

Naturedigital said...

What a series..!!!!!
Amazing photographs Tricia.
Have a great day.

Pete said...

its wide enough then :D

Midmarsh John said...

Seems to be the season for new cameras ;) You have given it a good work out and the results look just fine.

holdingmoments said...

I like your approach to housework; just like mine lol

Now, the pictures. I've clicked most of them, to make them bigger, and they all look very sharp to me Tricia. The camera is performing well in your hands. And if they are straight out the camera, they are very impressive!

I noticed you didn't say what the camera I had a sneaky look at the exif data.

Anonymous said...

Very nice set of photo's Tricia.

I enlarged the Robin photo, and your edited flowers, + Daff's and they still looked nice and sharp, with great colour retension. All in all, very nice.


Linda Yarrow said...

Hi Tricia, I know how you feel about housework, I loathe housework and if I ever win the lottery I think I would employ a cleaner. I have a cook, my OH;) I am thinking about getting myself a small camera to keep permamently in my handbag.

Tricia said...

Richard - the day was so lovely it was difficult to stop taking pictures!!

Costs - thank you so much. Hope your day is a good one too :D

Pete - yes ;) indeed it is and thanks for all your help:D

John - Thank you - perhaps the sun makes us want to go out and spend money lol

Keith - I think I enjoy housework as much as you do!

I'm impressed with the sharpness and the colour's quite realistic too. Ah - I didn't realise the EXIF was still attached - not that it matters. So you now know it's the Panasonic GF1

Paul - the robin was really just to see how much I could crop and still get something... I was surprised at the result although it's just an experiment and not really that good. I'm impressed with the sharpness which is what I wanted from a good compact camera.

Tricia said...

Linda - I'm with you on the cleaner and if your cook ever needs a 2nd job ;)

I can really recommend my new acquisition. It does go in a bag although my bags tend to be functional rather than decorative!!

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