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Monday, 5 April 2010

A quick nesting check in Painshill Park.

After my rather epic Great Crested Grebe watching at London Wetland Centre the other day, I went back to Painshill Park today to see what was what in terms of nest building; Although I stood and watched on a couple of occasions, there was no sign of the Treecreeper near its nest today.

The Nuthatches were visible this time high up in their hole in the tree. Backwards and forwards and, I think, still nest building.

The Terrapin was still in its usual spot although there was no sun to warm it up today ;(

And there are at least three, and possible 4, Great Crested Grebes. This one was on the same nest and didn't get up or leave the whole time I was watching. There were definitely two others around the other side of the lake and a couple of people who stood to watch the Nuthatches with me, said they had just seen the other two. Also I think I saw a fourth coming around to the nesting bird. But I didn't see two together near the nest at any time.

The Grebe didn't even leave her nest when a couple of Greylag Geese had a bit of an argument almost on top of the nest!

And that's it for today. Back home just about lunch time when....... the sun came out!! Hey ho :)


Warren Baker said...

that happens to me a lot ( the sun coming out bit!)

Poor old Grebe!

holdingmoments said...

Classic pose of the Nuthatch in the second Tricia.

Sun came out when I got home today. Typical!

Bob Bushell said...

Good pictures on the Nuthatch,and G C Grebe. Poor thing, you give the Greylag Goose a good ticking off.

richard said...

I wonder how the turtle survived over the winter, because is the red eared, tropical specie.I just lost mine in the garden and I dont see how she will manage.

oldcrow61 said...

I really like the photos of the "argument". Love the way you captured the splashing water.

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