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Friday, 23 April 2010

Staying local

On Thursday (22 April) I had a wander around Painshill. There is now another Great Crested Grebe's nest and a pair on the eastern end of the lake. This looks a much better spot than the original one. Whether it's the same pair or another I don't know (they wouldn't give me their names!); and there was a lone one up the other end of the lake so... I shall keep an eye on them and await developments.

I didn't go much further than the lake. Most of the birds were on nests and smaller birds flitted about, just out of my camera's reach.

Blackcaps seem to be everywhere at the moment and their song is wonderful! I'd spent some time trying to find this one and get a clear view but this is all it would allow be to see of it!

Further around, a Robin was hiding in a tree but stayed about for a photocall.

And today, I headed off for Bushy Park. I'd promised myself it would be a short walk as I've loads to catch up on at home but..... the sun was warm, the sky was blue - oooooh too lovely!

The 2nd family of Egyptian Geese... just three in this case.

The first Goslings I saw a few weeks ago (originally four but now only two), are now getting much more grown up and like Mum and Dad!

In the warmth of the sun, a Mandarin sat sleepily under a tree by the bank of the stream.

Further around a Robin was gathering nesting material..

and looked quite affronted at having its picture taken in the process
Around the Boating Pond, a female Mandarin showed that she had some bright colours too.

A Coot with two offspring.. one was sticking close to Mum however whilst the other tested out the water.

And yet another Grey Heron... this one had designs on becoming a Lapwing judging by its head feathers!

and just a few views of the Woodland Gardens (or Pheasantry Plantation as it's now known!)

Out on the Boating Pond someone had left these flowers. I've seen flowers in this spot before, but I don't know why they've been put there.

And finally home... did do a bit of domestic stuff. But not too much.... don't want to overdo it ;)

(and..... I've still got to catch up on previous days pictures for posting to my blog!!)


holdingmoments said...

Great selection Tricia.
Agree, the Blackcap is a beautiful singer, but a sod to get pictures of. lol
Is that the same pair of Egyptian Geese, with another brood? Didn't waste much time if it is.
Love the look on that Robins face.

Bob Bushell said...

Lovely shots of the Blackcap, Grey Heron, Mandarin Ducks and Egyptian Geese. There are some others I had left out, but I didn't do it purposely.

Chris said...

Hi Tricia,
I'm amazed on how staying local is giving you so many nice pictures and species to see... To see so many, I cannot stay local... And to see nice ones like the mandarin and the egyptian goose, I do not even tell you!! I love the goslings pictures and the mandarin ;-)

Midmarsh John said...

A great set of photos again. I love that one of the Robin staring straight at you with its beak full.

Anonymous said...

Those goslings are lovely Tricia. What a treat to see them.

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