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Friday, 9 April 2010

Catching up

Over the last couple of days, a Song Thrush has been collecting nesting material from my garden and flying with it into a conifer tree that, although is in my neighbours' garden, overhangs mine. This has been so regular and this morning I saw two of them up in my Eucalyptus tree and a great deal of wing flickering was going on. I do hope this bodes well.... I've only ever seen one Songthrush at a time in the garden, so I'm keeping everything crossed.

And a Wren was taking nesting material from a basket liner made from coir! So I shall be keeping my eyes open for nesting wrens!

Record shot only!

London Wetland Centre Barnes
I went back to Barnes last Tuesday, to see if the Great Crested Grebes were still displaying.

The amount of greenery everywhere is now so much more apparent as these emerging buds show.

And yes, the Grebes were still displaying and dancing... I resisted including too many pictures as I may be in danger of boring you all silly!!

I've never seen a Tufted Duck looking quite so threatening!

This could be a Christmas Robin but it looks just as good amongst all the white blossum!

A couple of families of these Mallards - this was one of nine!
Male mallard flew over

Bushy Park
Although it was rather grey, I had a wander into Bushy Park during the week. I rather liked the reflection of this tiny island in the pond.

In the Woodland Gardens, this Rose-ringed Parakeets looked very pretty amongst the blossum.

is does actually eat it or at least "picks" it and in this picture you can see some in its beak. I can understand why fruit farmers consider these birds as pests.

Red-crested Pochard when the sun came out!

The two remaing Egyptian Goslings were huddled together having a kip!

A Grey Heron looked for fish

And around on the tree stump, the Nuthatches dined on seeds!

In the woods, this Jay was hiding from the camera and its mate!

and the blossom looked - blossoming!

Today I was down in Sussex with Mum and we went to the WWT at Arundel. Being schools hols it was packed and there weren't many non-collection birds around. Heard Cetti's Warbler and wrens but nothing out on the Scrape. Large areas of the reserve are now being changed to encourage Water Voles....

WWT Arundel
This White-faced Duck (collection bird)... I'm sure its mother loved it..

Around near the feeders..
A great tit
Female Chaffinch

and a Blue tit. I imagine it had been ferreting about in flowers and above its beak the yellow is pollen.

And we must have seen at least 9 families of Mallard Ducklings. One group numbered 18!! Imagine, 18 children to feed and bring up ;)!!

The weather was amazing today and we didn't even need coats. I think Spring has finally made it!!


Simon Taylor said...

Some lovely shot's there Tricia. Good variety and i must admit that in the 3 yrs i have been birding i havent seen an angry Tufted Duck like that one. Good capture.

Chris said...

Hi Tricia,
You got so many wonderful pictures there. I loved reading this post. The pictures of the parakeet on the pink branches is my favorite... Just perfect pictures..
But the rest is sumptuous too, I mean the pochard, the nuthatch and the dancing grebes are gorgeous and stunning pictures. Well done, you are ctaching up quite well!

Bob Bushell said...

Great shots Tricia, I love Parakeets, but can tell me what is the duck below the Pochard?

holdingmoments said...

Great post Tricia.
Never tire of the dancing Grebes; amazing to see.
Mallard chicks already. None here yet. Not even seen any sitting on nests.
Beautiful shots of the Parakeets in the blossom. Green on pink; stunning.
Excellent selection of pictures.

Naturedigital said...

Great photographs again Tricia.

Dirty Girl Gardening said...

Ohh those ducklings are adorable!

Glo said...

Just gorgeous photos of the wonderful variety of birds you have spotted. It must be terrific finally getting some decent weather to add to the enjoyment of your outings. I'll have to see if it's duckling time around here!

Anonymous said...

A lot of fabulous photos here Tricia. You cannot post too many of the GC Grebes either.

Anonymous said...

Wonderful photo's Tricia, i dont think you can ever tire of the Dancing Grebes!


The Early Birder said...

Super roundup from your week Tricia. Green on pink is pretty exotic and I can't imagine what you were doing to prompt that response from the Tuftie..Lol. FAB.

oldcrow61 said...

What a lot of wonderful pictures. It sounds like there's exciting things happening in your garden. I really like the shots of the grebes putting on a display. And the blossoms on the trees...oh my!

Tricia said...

Hi Simon and welcome to my blog. Thank you for your kind comments and yes, it was one angry Tufty lol

Chris - many thanks. The Para on the blossom is very picturesque!!

Bob - the picture below the male Red Crested Pochard is the female of the same species!

Hi Costas - thank you so much.

Hi Dirty Girl Garden and welcome. There will be many more ducklings of various varieties no doubt - and yes, the are rather cute!

Glo = thank you. It's really great to get some decent weather for a change. Let's hope it lasts!

Roy - there may be more in due course ;)

Paul - thanks as usual. I just love watching the Grebes - nature's so wonderful.

Frank - I'm sure I must have upset that Tufty somehow; question is - how?

OC = thanks. The garden is rather busy and I've just the minute heard the Wren singing again..

Tricia said...

Keith - Thank you. I've now seen even more broods of chics. One day nothing and a few days later, an explosion of Mallard ducklings!!

Midmarsh John said...

A lovely selection of photos from your various perambulations. Great to have Song Thrushes so close.

Tricia said...

Thanks John. At least one Song Thrush is still visiting daily and managing to find lots of worms.... fingers crossed still :D

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