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Thursday, 1 April 2010

For a brief moment, the sun shone!

Yesterday I had a day down in Sussex with my daughter. The calendar had clocked up another year in my life and to celebrate we had a day out. Plan A was - drive so far and then walk along the seafront into Brighton. Plan B was - drive into Brighton and take it from there. Plan B was put into action! The wind blew - icily; the clouds gathered - darkly and the rain rained - very heavily and wetly!! But nonetheless we had a good day and great lunch out - with thanks to my daughter :D !

Today I awoke to sunshine. I couldn't get out as early as anticipated to enjoy the sun for reasons totally beyond my control - grrrrr.

However, I headed off eventually to Painshill in search of nesting Grebes and Nuthatches!

The former I found; they have built a nest in the middle of the water and she was sitting there. I don't how many eggs there are if there are any at all - at this point in time!

As the wind blew she was obviously having a "bad hair" day.

He went off for a swim then had a preen followed by a bit of wing stretching.

She then settled again as he came back. She'd prostrated herself several times, but he was ignoring her!

She had a swim and then got back on the nest in a different position

and he went hunting for food! Which he consumed!
Back at the "ranch" she carried on sitting.

I'd been standing watching the Grebes for over an hour and by now the sun had gone completely and the storm clouds gathered. The wind was nastily cold and I was frozen. So with the thoughts of the cafe in mind, I headed off. It was clear that there wasn't going to be any interesting action from the pair for the time being.

It was in the same area that Phil and I had seen the nesting Nuthatches the other day but today - no sign of them at all sadly.

However, as I walked through the woods towards the cafe I heard this high pitched calling and yes - something landed on the trunk of the tree!!

A Treecreeper with nesting material in its beak! It flew backwards and forwards to the tree behind me where it was gathering the same type of twigs each time. It was quite clever in assessing how it was going to get a fairly large twig through a very narrow slit in the tree trunk!

But it did this several times with success!

After a while, it stopped and just posed on the trunk - lovely!

Eventually it popped back into the nesting hole and, as my fingers were hardly functioning with the cold by now, I headed off for a cuppa and then on to do the food shopping!


Warren Baker said...

Belated birthday greetings Tricia! I'm surprised the Treecreeper let you see where it had nested ! nice pics though. I got some creeper pics too today!

Linda Yarrow said...

Lovely set of pictures of the Great Crested Grebes and the Treecreeper Tricia, it is lovely to see nature at work:) I hope they all have good success in rearing their young this Spring:)

Janine said...

Lovely shots of the treecreeper.

Neil said...

Wow on the treecreeper photos! they are excellent!

And its always great to see GC grebes :)

Bob Bushell said...

Happy birthday Tricia, a bit late I know, but never mind. The treecreeper is a marvellous picture.

holdingmoments said...

Must be Treecreeper day; I was taking shots of one today lol

Cracking shots you got Tricia. They don't keep still for long do they.
Lovely set of the Grebe family.
Hope they're successful in raising a family.

Roy said...

Fabulous shots of the Treecreeper Tricia. If only {:((

The Early Birder said...

Belated Happy Returns Tricia. Did you wish for warm weather?
Super series of the Treecreeper were definitely in the right spot. FAB.

Midmarsh John said...

A great series of photos of the Tree Creeper. Well spotted as they blend in to their surroundings so efficiently.

Abraham said...

Your little brown tree creeper seems just like the one here at my house. It takes a long time to go up the trunk.

Phil and Mandy said...

I love your Treecreeper photos Tricia, Happy Birthday belated and a Happy Easter.

Tricia said...

Warren - thank you. I was standing very still for a long time as it flew backwards and forwards. I'm going back after the Easter break to see if they are still there.

Linday - thank you. Yes agree - it's a privilege to watch our wildlife!

Janine - thank you :D

Neil - thank you - I seem to be seeing many Treecreepers at the moment but this one has been the most obliging!

Bob - thank you for the birthday wishes - and it's not too late!

Keith - I shall look forward to seeing your Treecreeper pics when I catch up!!

Thanks - they do rather dash about but this one obliged by staying put for a few seconds!

Roy- Thank you - one day you'll get them :D

Frank - thank you and yes, I wished for, not only, warmer weather but less rain too!!

John - thank you. It was only that it flew past me that I noticed it I think.

Abraham - they seem to nip up the trunk quite quickly at times. At least this one wasn't going too far ;)

Phil - thank you! And a Happy Easter to you too.

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