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Thursday, 10 June 2010

Grey, grey and grey..... but...

Before we get to today, this is a rather late sunset from last night. I'd left it rather late before checking what was going on out the back of the "ranch"

Now - we've already established that we have 2 pairs of Spot Flycatchers. Two have already nested and produced two young. But the other two tend to stay around the front of our barn. This is the view from our front door. The gate opposite is one of the favourite perches of the Spots - particularly the gate post at the right hand end of the gate. From there they fly up onto a dead branch in the tree to the right of the gate.

The come down from the top of the barn (our front door is shown here). The wooden wall to the right-hand side of the steps is another favourite perch of the Spots!

The honeysuckle that is above the front door is home to a Wren's nest and they fly in and out fairly constantly above our heads!

In the far left hand corner of this picture is a wood store and it is here, that my host has placed an open fronted nest box near to where the Spots built a nest a couple of years ago. And the nest box is now inhabited by two young ones :D

OK - now for today.... well the less said the better really. Dull, grey dull and grey. Very windy and not much fun! We headed off for Seaton where we had a tram ride along the estuary and we also visited Beer.... Beer is a tiny English seaside village and very very pretty. We went up high to a car park with a view!

From their we went to Branscome. An 'interesting' car journey along tiny narrow roads with passing places - just as well I knew where reverse gear was as it was much used!

In Seaton we went for a tramride along the Estuary to Colyton where we had a quick lunch. There are special trams that accommodate wheelchairs so we were limited to which ones we could get coming back - so it was a short visit.

Along the estuary were many Shelducks and...

Little Egrets - what was in very short supply was any light at all!

Llamas were munching next to the cafe.... pretty animals

Seaton where we boarded the tram..

and along the way to Colyton.

and finally home... the Spot Flys are still catching flys from their three favourite perches so all is well with the world.

Hopefully, some more birds of a different sort tomorrow... weather permitting of course :(


Wilma said...

In spite of the grey, it still seems you managed to get as much out of it as possible!

Anonymous said...

Very nice Skyscapes Tricia.


Anonymous said...

The third image down form the top Tricia is really good, fabulous light.

holdingmoments said...

Great selection of shots Tricia.
It looks a lovely place where you are staying.

oldcrow61 said...

Sounds like your having a lovely time. The first three pictures of the sky are wonderful. Really enjoyed seeing what you see on your travels.

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