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Wednesday, 30 June 2010

Youngsters at Arundel.

Was down with Mum today and the sun was out and a gentle but cool breeze. Much nicer temperature than recently. Being midweek and quiet we went off to the Wetland Centre at Arundel. Generally it was very quiet, but at the feeder station is was very busy!

The hides at Arundel are very good with sensibly sized window. Also in every hide there is a very good window for wheelchair users, with a recess to get the front of the chair and the "rider's" legs underneath and allow the watcher to get right up close. Excellent!

Some of today's subjects at the feeders
Female Chaffinch.

Rather weary looking Great Tit. Think it might be a male parent.

Rather dapper male Greenfinch

And a Ragged Robin..

Just as we were about to move on, a visit from a Nuthatch kept us there for a little while. This adult was coming backwards and forwards and later on a juvenile joined others at the feeder. Too quick for me however!

A few Goldfinches dropped by..

and from one hide, this young Moorhen eyed us curiously.

Further around, a black-headed gull preened poised on a post

Further out, two young birds caught my eye - I think they are young Shovellers

There were a couple of adults around and one took off as we watched.

Oystercatchers were about as well. Two adults and two youngsters! One here with a more-or-less hidden young one (you'll have to click to enlarge to get even the tiniest glimpse of it)

and slightly closer, the other one was hiding amongst the greenery.

Two pairs of the captive Bewick swans had had cygnets. This pair had just the one..

whilst on the other side, the family had two young ones.

We came across this female Pheasant walking along the pathway. She was calling gently ..

and then two young ones came into sight in response to Mum's cries.

And finally, a posing Oystercatcher at the final hide we visited.

Didn't see a single common Tern; which was a pity as the Tern raft is very near the visitor centre.. Last June they were breeding there when I managed to get some shots of them - ( see here)

A very relaxed day. Only down-side? We had something to eat in the cafe. I don't know if it's under new management but it was a disappointing snack and poor choices. Hopefully it will improve.


Wilma said...

You sure saw some good things today, Tricia. The cygnets look so soft and fluffy still. To bad the eats werenn't up to par! ;-)


holdingmoments said...

Great set Tricia.
Raising the kids certainly shows on some of these poor birds. Must be very tough for them.
That Bewick cygnet looking up at you, is a cracking shot. Love the Oystercatcher in the last too.

Anonymous said...

Captive Bewick's, that is so unusual Tricia. Wonder what happens to the young when they grow up, do they join the rest on the long flight North in February.

TonyC said...

Hi Tricia. Great post. I have only been to WWT Arundel once and really enjoyed the trip. thanks for the memory jog!! BTW I think your youngsters were Shelducks ratrher than Shovellers - great pics though.

oldcrow61 said...

That female pheasant looks so graceful. What marvelous birds you get to see.

karen said...

Super pics again Tricia xxx The poor adult birds are looking very scraggy at the moment!!! Love your cygnet pics, adorable xx

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