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Sunday, 20 June 2010

Woo hoo - lifers at Pulborough Brooks!!

I'm having a busy few days, but last Friday I visited RSPB Pulborough Brooks. I didn't get there until lunchtime but as I arrived in the visitor's centre I bumped into John (whom I know from the London Wetland Centre). We were both after something to eat, so shared a table. John had already been around the reserve but was keen to go back in the hope of seeing the Hobbies; regretfully we didn't.

We joined forces and I was very grateful for John's knowledge of "what was where" and his expertise. Saw several species in the three hours I was there and not all avian. And, for me, three of these were lifers.

All in all we saw (or heard)

Jay - Shelduck - Whitethroat - Yellow Hammer - Green Sandpiper -
Spotted Redshank - Skylark (several and wonderful to hear and watch) - Reed Warbler (H) - Blue Tit - Greenfinch
Blackcap (H) - Swallows - Dunnock - Canada Geese - Little Egret
Mute Swan - Crow - Wood Pigeon - Robin - Chiff chaff (H)
Magpie - Redshank - Black-headed Gull - Lapwing - Mallard

26 species of which 3 heard only.
Plus - Rabbits, Fallow Deer and Highland Cattle.

The Whitethroat posed as we entered the reserve and then...

not long after John had stated " I haven't seen yellowhammers here for years".... right on cue one appeared for us. Woo hoo!!

It wasn't brilliant in terms of sun and the cold wind suggested it was winter however, rabbits popped up seemingly everywhere!!

Several Fallow deer were about and on one occasion (too far away for pictures) a very young fawn was leaping through the long grass!

Just in case you don't know what these are, they are Bovine Lawnmowers! aka Highland Cattle. And very cute the youngsters are too!

It was a totally impromptu and unexpected afternoon but really great! Thank you John for your company and knowledge... much appreciated!


Chris said...

Hi Tricia,
it is nice to see lifers isn't it. I did not even know you had yellow hammer.... I love the rabbit picture ;-)

Naturedigital said...

Love all your pictures in tose green fields..

holdingmoments said...

Well done on the lifers. I've only seen the Yellowhammer, out of those.

Tricia said...

Chris, Costas and Keith

Many thanks for your comments. The Yellowhammer was a little beauty.

And my apologies for not responding before this!!

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