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Tuesday, 8 June 2010

South for the sun!

The forecast for today for South West England was wet, wet, wet again! However, we decided to ignore that and headed south for Bicton Botanical Gardens, in that there would be somewhere to shelter if it did rain. Well - it did, initially and we had a ride on the train around the gardens. Following that we headed off for the restaurant for a sandwich and whilst having lunch the clouds parted, the sun came through and the temperature rose!! Wonderful stuff!

There's many different areas to the gardens (it's also a horticultural college) and we walked for some distance. The gardens also have their own church!

This is a "car transportable buggy" and it is!

After a great day out we headed off home via the "pretty" route. This involved several flooded areas and we discovered, on our arrival at home, that we'd had torrential rain all day - but WE hadn't!


Pete said...


Anonymous said...

I love a browse through your blog tricia.I hope you dont mind me asking but how do you alphabetically list your lables ?

Anonymous said...

Looks a lovely area with lots to see. Of course the sun would come out for you Tricia.

Wilma said...

So many lovely photos, Tricia. I especially love the butterfly on the lavendar flower; the backlighting lends it a sweet magic.


holdingmoments said...

An excellent selection of pictures Tricia. It does look a lovely place. Glad you managed to avoid the rain.

Glo said...

Yay, you found the sun - especially when it was not showing its face where you are staying. Another lovely spot, and your photos are fantastic. The swan looks elegant even though it has a leg up ;)Such a great variety and sounds like a most enjoyable day.

oldcrow61 said...

Wonderful pictures. The flowers are gorgeous.

Tricia said...

Pete - Indeedy :D

Georgie - thank you. You can do this from the 'dashboard'. If you send me an email (from the email address in the blog) I'll send you instructions when I can.)

Roy - you're so kind ;)

Wilma - thank you...

Keith - We were so lucky with the avoidance of rain!!

OC - thank you :D

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