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Friday, 25 June 2010

A short visit to LWC at Barnes

Just a quick visit to Barnes today and my - was it hot!! Most of the birds were in hiding but managed three Little Ringed Plovers from the WWF hide which was nice.

As I drove into the car park a crane greeted me - a very large crane! This was being used to lift two structures over into the reserve to become part of the two new areas that are being developed. This structure is a sewer pipe (unused I hasten to add) which is being added to the project sponsored by Thames Water.

Once over, it nestled amongst the greenery looking very much more inconspicuous. I understand it will house an exhibition when everything's complete.

Further around, a Wren was singing away in the sunshine.

A young coot was keeping cool..

and I then came across a family of Little Grebes. Only Mum and Dad were on show and they were busy diving for food for the family.

Most of my shots were like this!

But eventually one stayed still long enough..

Further around in a different part of the reserve this young Little Grebe was very much more on display!

Pyramidal Orchids (just the three) hid amongst the grasses on the path verge.
and this seed head caught my eye.

Then, just as I was coming back to the visitor centre about to leave, I came across a family of Tufted Ducks. These little ones move at such a rate of knots...

Just managed to grab a shot as it dived - how they stay under the water is amazing - they're so tiny and light!
and there it was - gone!

After surfacing it shook its head ..
before having a preen..

Nice to watch all these youngsters learning how to do things.


Midmarsh John said...

A great collection of Awww shots of the young Tufted Ducks.

holdingmoments said...

Amazing how these youngsters learn their life skills so quickly.
Good capture of the diving Tufted Duck.

Tricia said...

John - yes, they really were show stoppers :D

Keith - yes; one minute they're an egg and the next an adult in miniature!

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