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Wednesday, 6 October 2010

And finally.... on our way home!

When I set off a few days ago, all I asked was that it didn't rain! I was prepared for dull grey conditions and on a couple of days, we had some of that BUT today - again was glorious - clear blue sky and warm sunshine. Stourhead House and Gardens were on the way back so what better than to visit for a stroll. It was beautiful as usual and regular visitors will have seen the view before. This time however, there was some Autumn colour. Give it a couple of weeks and it should be amazing.

Saw a few water birds: four Great-crested Grebes, a family of four Mute Swans, Mallards, a few Tufties and, a wonderful surprise, a Goldcrest. Also managed a Red Admiral and Comma Butterfly and Dragonfly (no pictures of those - had the landscape lens on the camera)

So a bit of sunshine for us all....

A great break in good company - thanks Pete :D
(and even the roads on the way back were a pleasure to drive on!!)


Pete said...

the weather wasn't bad was it.

Do I put the macro lens on? no!
oh I'll just go back
no staying with the 18-50
Pete - got your bins?
Hang on!!

good break wasn't it.

uh comma? not copper?

Ragged Robin said...

Beautiful photos Tricia. Looks a superb place to visit. Glad you both had such a lovely time.

Wilma said...

Such fabulous photos today, Tricia. Your excursion was quite a success! :-)

holdingmoments said...

Just catching up with posts Tricia.
Certainly looks like you both had a great time, despite the odd bit of rain.

Roy said...

Lovely scenic shots from my part of the country Tricia.

Anonymous said...

Cracking photo's Tricia!
Love the shadows, and reflection shots. Glad you both had good weather.


Erica Lea said...

Gorgeous setting and photo series! Looks like you couldn't have asked for better weather. I would have been scrambling with lenses, though, to get the dragonfly and butterfly - two of my weaknesses:-)

Tricia said...

Pete - the weather was more than we dared hope for eh and yes, it was a great break :D And thanks for helping my memory ;)

(rushes off to edit the post for flutter names....)

RR - thank you.

Wilma - the weather helped considerably with all that blue sky and wonderful light

Keith - a good time was had indeed

Roy - It's a lovely part of the country with amazing scenery wherever you go.

Paul - thank you... and yes the weather helped!!

Eric - nice to see you here and thanks for dropping by. Unfortunately the relevant lenses were in the car and too far away to go back. I'd decided I wouldn't need them as we started our trip around - hey ho!

ShySongbird said...

Now had I caught up with all your holiday pics before Pete's I wouldn't have needed to ask the umbrella question :)

Lovely photos, Tricia. It's obvious you both had a great time!

oldcrow61 said...

lol, that Pete, he just won't let up, will he, lol. These are fabulous photos. I absolutely love those statues in the "grotto" or "cave". Not sure what it it.

TonyC said...

Hi Tricia, a lovely series of posts. I've really enjoyed following your trip a I lived in Bristol and Plymouth before moving to Australia. thanks you for sharing!

Tricia said...

Hi Jan (SS) thank you... a good time was had..

OC - you're right there :D I think it's a grotto!

ToyC - thanks and glad you enjoyed the trip. Bristol has family associations for me..

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