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Friday, 15 October 2010

Still waiting for the Red Deer Rut!

A bit of a mixed bag - the weather's not been that good over the last few days - predominant colour is Grey!!

Down with my mother the other day I managed to see her resident Dunnock. It visits every day about 1 p.m. and either sits in the tree or on the edge of the bird bath staying for about 15 minutes each time.

I had an impromptu trip to Polsden Lacey hoping for some Autumn colour - of which there wasn't much yet. But had a pleasant wander. The house was closed on the day I visited so no inside pictures this time. Another time perhaps.

There's quite an amount of statutory dotted around the garden.

And in the walled Rose Garden, dahlias and other flowers were in full bloom and wonderfully colourful.

Even managed some smaller wildlife :D

This is the view out over the valley - into the mist and sun!

And then yesterday a visit to Bushy to check out the Red Deer Rut. I heard and saw one Red Deer Stag and a couple of hinds. Couldn't find any others despite walking all over the area. How can they hide so well!

Many Canada Geese flew over in waves - off to new pastures for the winter perhaps.

The Diana Fountain has just been refurbished and, when the sun is shining, is brilliant gold. But today it was dull although the Cormorants decided it was a good perching place.

There were many Fallow Deer about in their usual place despite the lack of Red Deer.

And these two were play-fighting - all very genteel!

Well at least I had some interesting conditions to practice manual settings and using the Macro lens (at Polsden!)
It would be great to lose this greyness... hopefully it will improve!


Erica Lea said...

I love your blog! I always feel like I've just enjoyed the most wonderful trip to England after I've browsed your photos:-) Beautiful post!

holdingmoments said...

Lovely selection Tricia. That poor Red Admiral has definitely seen better days.

oldcrow61 said...

Beautiful pictures. I do like the statuary.

Tricia said...

Hi Erica and thanks for visiting and leaving a comment. I'm glad you enjoyed your "virtual" trip here. Isn't it wonderful that the net let's us see so much of the world through other's eyes!

Keith - thanks and yes, a rather tatty Red Admiral.

OC - thank you. The statuary is dotted about, almost haphazardly, around the gardens. So it's always a surprise when you come across it.

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