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Saturday, 2 October 2010

A sojourn to the West country

It's early October and I was hoping for an Indian summer as I visited Devon for a few days. The day started bright and sunny as I left home at 7.30 and as I drove west, some wonderful views of open countryside with mist creating patterns between the hills. No photo opportunities as the "authorities" don't approve of you stopping on a motorway or main A road to "just taking a few pictures Officer".

I met up with Pete at Tintinhull Gardens. Somewhere
I've visited before but thoroughly enjoy being there - very quiet tranquil gardens and despite the sprinkling of rain, it was great to just stroll around.

Whilst we were waiting for the gardens to open, we had a look at the local church.

Then into Tintinhull.

The rain caused some lovely effects on the veggies in the vegetable garden.

This bee was at the top of a very tall post and, very tall I am not, hence the rather odd angle of this picture.

It was now about mid-day and a cuppa was called for. So we decided to head off to Montacute House which is only a couple of miles up the road.

An excellent Carrot and coriander soup with seedy (of the best type) brown bread with a cuppa.

Quite an imposing building with a magnificent tree lined avenue. The statuesque yews lining the drive are very well manicured but all seem to tilt to one side!

And this "hedgerow" never fails to fascinate me and there's more in a different part of the garden. Hard labour to keep this little lot in trim if you ask me!

Again the water-drops really added to this lovely rose.

I love these old trees and their majesty.

And then into the house.

I've taken loads of pictures but uploading and editing them on the laptop with unfamiliar software tries my patience (something of which I am very short I've just been advised!!)

After strolling round the gardens and house, we had a cuppa and indulged in a piece of Victoria Sponge (Pete!) and Coffee and Walnut cake (me!!); the justification being the evening meal isn't until 7.30 and we would starve if.....

and tomorrow? the forecast says......don't go there.... so there may not be any pictures tomorrow.


Chris said...

Wow looks like a majestic place! Fantastic post Tricia!

Ragged Robin said...

Sorry if you get this comment twice, Tricia - I got the message "service unavailable" when I tried to comment a minute ago! Great set of photos of beautiful gardens. Hope the weather is better than expected tomorrow.

oldcrow61 said...

Beautiful gardens. I love the old trees and that painting as well. Great stuff!

Anonymous said...

Great set of photo's Tricia.
The effect of rain drops on the 2 Rose's, and veg shots really very good.

I do like the angle of the photo of the Bee, on the post. Lack of height or not LOL, it's a cracking photo.


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