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Sunday, 17 October 2010

Where are the migrants?

Well the weather today has been glorious - mostly sunshine which was very warm - lovely!

I've been over to the London Wetland Centre... but there's not much about in terms of new migrants yet. A Bittern has been reported but as yet, I've not seen it... hopefully over the next few weeks...

At least 4 Snipe were seen in the same addition to the regular visitors Grey Herons, Cormorants, loads of Teal, Lapwings etc. etc.
and many Teal

Several Shovellers..

but the female Kestrel didn't disappoint and come over to her usual hunting spot

Just got the above shot before she flew off... and I just caught her..

Further around a (young I think) Lizard had been basking in the sun.

And such a cheery flower - the Sunflower that sang out as headed off for home!


Pete said...

obliging kestrel!

forestal said...

very nice post and photographs!


Glo said...

Lovely to see the blue sky background ~ how fortunate to catch the Kestrel in the tree and then flying off ~ your sunflower photo is perfect!

Anonymous said...

A great variety of photo's Tricia.
Looks like the Kestrel was waiting for you again, cracking shots.
My other favourites, Snipe, sunflower, and the Lizard. Common lizard-(Lacerta vivipara) They should now be looking to hibernate
must be this mild spell!


Ragged Robin said...

What a great picture of a kestrel in flight, Tricia and the sunflower photo is beautiful. Good news that a bittern has returned - hope you see it soon and some more migrants arrive.

Tricia said...

Pete - VERY obliging.. not always that lucky ;)

Dan - thank you for visiting and leaving a comment.. Hope to pop over to see you shortly.

Glo - blue sky makes all the difference doesn't it!

Paul - Don't think my luck will last for much longer though. The sunflower was a lucky shot with the sun just at the right angle.

RR - Thank you. I nearly over-exposed it especially with the sun behind it causing so much shadow. However, I'm still waiting to see either of the, now, two bitterns!

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