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Sunday, 10 October 2010

October? July? August?

It's been more like summer today than summer itself. Splendid Sun, Wonderful Warmth, Brilliant Blue skies.... stunning!!

I went to Barnes to experiment - a) firstly with a new lens that I bought yesterday - a Sigma 150mm macro. Unfortunately it was very breezy so wasn't able to do too much. And b) to brace myself and use manual settings on the camera - getting out of my comfort zone!

Herewith the results!

An obliging female Kestrel was on a hunting trip..
(Manual settings in the main)

and sometimes straight into the sun!!

Using the macro lens out over the water..

I was able to crop down to quite an extent and was pleased with the sharpness the lens produced! (Better enlarged by clicking on the picture)

Collection birds with the 100 - 400 but manual settings..
(Pete please note :D)

I THINK this is a Southern Hawker..
(But Pete suggests Migrant Hawker and I'm inclined to agree)

The cones on the conifers shone in the sunlight..

as did these flowers!

The grasses were bronzed and using a shallow depth of field managed to blur the background to get this shot.

Dazzling colour..

What a wonderful day :D


oldcrow61 said...

Fabulous shots. That Kestral is magnificent.

Bob Bushell said...

Those with the 150 machro, was absolutely marvellous. The Kestel acted for you.

Pete said...

lovely kestrel Trish.

It's a Migrant Hawker

holdingmoments said...

Excellent results with the new lens Tricia. The Kestrel shots are perfectly exposed.
The bronze grass would make an excellent print for the wall. Love that one.

Little Brown Job said...

Lovely shots of the Kestrel against that electric blue sky. It certainly has been unseasonably warm today!

Wilma said...

Nicely done, Tricia. You will probably find that you prefer to use the manual settings now that you have made the plunge!

Chris said...

Beautiful post Tricia. It has been the same here over the week-end. We should get cold temps now and even wind, but we got 17°C all over the week end and a splendid sunshine! Who said climate changes? :-)

Midmarsh John said...

Love the Kestrel series, especially the second one of it taking off.

Though it was sunny yesterday we had a cold breeze which took the edge off what should have been a brilliant day.

Anonymous said...

Manual settings. I'm impressed Mrs R.

Anonymous said...

Well Tricia! what can i say? Oh yes
so glad you have found manual focus on your camera!! makes you think, and look at the results.
Those Kestrel photo's Superb.
Love the flowers too, the Hawker is another great shot. Now i say this tongue in cheek, if only you could fined a Gull inflight with this new lens, manual of course, i live in hope.


Anonymous said...

Nice pics. Looks like you're getting on fine in manual.

Tricia said...

OC - Thank you. The Kestrel was really obliging!!

Bob - thanks and yes, the Kestrel played her part well :D

Pete - thank you.... and thanks for the help with the ID :)

Keith.... thank you so much. I might print of the "bronze grass" and see what it looks like!

Paul - Thank you. Long may this weather last :D

Wilma - thank you so much. I'm hoping to stick with manual but it's a learning curve.

Chris - glad you've benefited from the weather too.

John - thank you and good to see you. The cold breeze does have an effect doesn't it!

Roy - glad you're impressed ;)

Paul - don't tell me you're at a loss for words lol. And gull in flight... well, not necessarily with the new lens but watch for the next post!

Digi - thank you.... it's a learning curve for me but I'm determined to change over for good!!

Glo said...

Very impressive indeed! With results like these, I can see why you'd be motivated to continue with the manual settings. Super photos!

Tricia said...

Thanks Glo.. a lot tributed to the excellent light though..

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