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Friday, 22 October 2010

Bushy and Barnes Birds - in the sunshine

Given the brilliant blue sky and wonderful sunshine we've had in the last few days, we'd be forgiven for thinking this was Summer - if it wasn't for the icy blast of a Northerly wind whistling around keeping us a tadge cool!

Walking (rather more quickly than usual) through Bushy Park I spotted this preening Crow on its lofty perch - lots of feathers to ruffle to keep warm

I was amazed how many Cormorants there are now. This one had appeared from the left, circled around, spotted its landing target...

Undercarriage fully down it then...

landed fair and square on the uppermost perch :)

Where it joined several others - I counted 7 in total

A Canada Goose caught the afternoon sun.

And this Red Deer Stag was resting dozily - having a break from the energies expended during the rut no doubt!

I think the Rhododendrons think it's Spring and I was surprised to see so many flowers.

The sunlight sparkled and made quivering patterns underneath the bridge.

A couple of days later and I had a trip over to WWT at Barnes. There are now 2 bitterns reported but as usual they are being very elusive as far as I'm concerned (and many others as well I have to add! )

But cormorants winter here too..

A coot enjoyed the sun a dived constantly for weed

A small flock of goldfinches flew hither and thither

Whilst watching the goldfinches, we were alerted to several bird alarm calls over by the feeders. As suspected, a bird of prey - Sparrowhawk had invaded the tranquillity of the afternoon.

And finally, I was entertained for some time by diving Dabchicks :D

Shall I go down there?



Anonymous said...

The Red Deer Stag, a perfect shot Tricia.

Tricia said...

Why thank you Roy :D I'm always striving for perfection. I must admit I was rather pleased with that shot... the colours were so good!

Erica Lea said...

I thought the Cormorant shots were cool, then I got to that stag... He almost doesn't look real - what a perfect spot and lighting! He's definitely looking like he's the king of his domain:-) Beautiful shot!

holdingmoments said...

Lovely set Tricia. It would be easy to think it was summer looking at those lol
Good catch with the landing Cormorant; and the Stag in the spotlight, perfect.

Midmarsh John said...

You found plenty of interesting activity to photo as always Tricia. The stag is a great portrait shot.

oldcrow61 said...

I love the shot of the Red Deer and never tire of seeing them. Beautiful shots as usual.

Phil said...

A nice series of pictures Tricia. I like the way you captured the Cormorant landing landing on the statue.

Anonymous said...

What can i say? Just another brill set of photo's Tricia!


Gary said...

Those Goldfinches are really super looking birds. Ours are all yellow or gold if you prefer. Crows are really undersold birds. They are great flyers, and they and their cousin, the Raven, figure largely in aborginal lore as the trickester.

Tricia said...

Erica Lea - thank you - he was posing so well. and the light was interesting for a change!

Keith - thank you very much. It was a good day for light and sun - makes a change :D

John - always plenty to see in Bushy

OC - I might have a few more coming up soon... thank you.

Phil - just the right light for flight shots on that day - and a backdrop of blue sky always helps!

Gary - thank you for your comment :D I get many Goldfinches visiting my garden too and never tire of seeing them. I saw my first Raven recently - great birds!!

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