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Monday, 4 October 2010

I can't believe it's October !

Given the not-too-good weather we've had so far (although not as bad as feared) we were totally unprepared for today. It was stunning!! Blue skies, very warm sunshine and just a few white puffy clouds here and there. As the title states "I can't believe it's October!" - much more like a mid-summer's day and, of course, I was wearing all the wrong clothes. A short-sleeved T-shirt would have been more appropriate than a jumper and waterproof jacket.

We headed off (after another rather nice brekkie) for Wells Cathedral. I've never visited there before and was in for a great surprise.

I think it's now my favourite cathedral.. the flowing lines of the vaulted ceiling take your breath away or at least they did mine. So much movement for the eye to follow - beautiful, decorative, stunning, awe inspiring.....

Some pictures....

Let me introduce Louis. No-one seems to know who is owner is and he's adopted the cathedral; has meals provided in two different areas and, in the winter when the heating is on, will mostly be found lying curled up on one of the heating vents. Today he was, unusually, prepared to pose for a picture. After this he found a chair and curled up for a nap!

A moat around the Bishops Palace provided a safe haven for mallards and swans. Here one of the pair of Mute swans reached up to pull the bell to signify a meal was required!

Our car-park time was getting nearer so we wandered in leisurely fashion back to the car and headed off for lunch at our next destination which was.....

Young blackbird enjoying the ripe grapes!
The sky really was this colour!

A couple of pictures from the tiny chapel

and inside the Manor House

An amazing day with two new venues for me.....
Would it be too much to hope for that tomorrow's weather will be as good as today's?


Ragged Robin said...

So glad the weather has improved and the two places you have visited today look beautiful. Great photos, Tricia and that vaulted ceiling at Wells is incredibly lovely.

oldcrow61 said...

Just looking at the pictures of that cathedral in Wells is enough to take my breath away. Wow, what a place. Gorgeous things inside that manor house. You have some really beautiful shots here.

Tricia said...

RR - many thanks - weather got better than we had dared to hope for!

OC - Thank you.... Wells is an amazing Cathedral and one I could visit again and see see things I've missed on the first visit.

It really is the most amazing building and the lines and flow incredible.

It's on my list of places to take you when you get over for that visit :D

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