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Sunday, 10 July 2011

A first visit to Squerryes Court

It dawned - and not that sunny today.

Early on a Goldfinch perched singing on the telephone cable just outside the window where I sit at the PC.

I met up with Pete at Squerry's Court - first visit for us to this rather pleasant house and gardens. Regrettably no pictures in the house.

There's a small area of more formal garden and the remainder is more like parkland around a lake. Some of the residents:

and as we walked around the lake the house came into view.

A seat dedicated so one of the former residents of the house

Through the hedge a glimpse of the house where the tea-room is. Jacket potatoes at lunch and a cuppa with a rather wicked slice of carrot cake for tea, were very nice. (I nearly missed my cake as it had been "appropriated" by Pete when I disappeared for a few minutes!! lol

The gardens and surrounding areas were rich in wildlife and heard and saw a Green Woodie as it bounded away ahead of us... this one of the many birds we saw.

A good day's outing and an easy location to get to... I didn't even get lost on the way there... thanks goodness for road maps!

Thanks for the company and a pleasant day Pete


Pete said...

you need a map?

lovely place isn't it.

Tricia said...

Well... maps do help me to know in which direction I should be headed lol

Yes - it was lovely... be nice to see it in different seasons... Autumn might be very colourful!

Anonymous said...

I take it Pete just gets in his car and points it in the right direction each time!! Nothing wrong with using maps.

Some nice pics there, Tricia. That garden looks amazing. Will have to try and get down there sometime.

oldcrow61 said...

Great shots. Lovely gardens and flowers. Wish I was close enough to tag along with you two. Seems like you have a wonderful time.

Tricia said...

Digi - you're on the right track there...Pete has a very scary & accurate sense of direction.. :)

OC - so do I!! We'd have a riot :D

Pete said...

i have a reasonable sense of direction.

digi - she's been to the town it's in last summer. from where she was

1. drivethe five miles to M25
2. come off Junction 6 of m25
3. follow sign to town! It really was easy!!

Its not like you driving to say Beningborough Hall near York

Tricia said...

Yep - and that's what I needed to know - which motorway junction I needed and where I turned off the main road after that.

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