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Sunday, 24 July 2011

Michaelangelo Quartet, a garden and some architecture

Today was the day for another concert at Wigmore Hall. I duly met Pete and we started off in the Phoenix Gardens (as recommended by Pete). Well worth the visit. A small attractive garden to attract wildlife right in the middle of high rise buildings not far from Tottenham Court Road.

These side balconies overlooked the gardens and made their own contribution to growing things!

On our way out, reflections in plate glass windows high up on the sides of buildings.

The orange here is from the building opposite and is just a reflection.

From there we had a wander in the direction of Wigmore Street and stopped in Soho Gardens

By now I was in need of coffee so we stopped at a well-known emporium and I realised I was hungry... so I had a Choccie Muffin (what high cholesterol??) and it was very nice... Pete was very good and just had a drink.

London's architecture and the mix of ancient (well old) and modern never fails to surprise me and catch my interest.

And in amongst all the decorative stonework is decorative glass work of a different era!

and back again.

The concert was excellent with the Michaelangelo Quartet playing Beethoven and Dvorak.
A pizza for lunch and then home in brilliant sunshine...
an excellent day :D


Unknown said...

There are some great images here hard to pic a fav.

oldcrow61 said...

You mean Pete didn't have a muffin, or piece of cake...I can't believe it, lol. The pictures are wonderful. I love those people in the park. Well done. And the bee is great.

Anonymous said...

I must go and visit one of those hidden London gardens sometime. They look very interesting.

So much to do, so little time!

Lovely images - much better than Pete's... ;)

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