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Sunday, 3 July 2011

North of the M25 and a first visit to Ickworth

Friday and I headed off up the M25 - which wasn't too bad around lunchtime.

The afternoon I spent in the sun and warmth at Rye Meads. Rather quiet birdwise although the terns were soaring high above and the Kingfisher flashed past on a couple of occasions.

Walking up the ramp to one of the hides, this Whitethroat popped out just behind me and was far too engrossed in its meal of cricket to be bothered about my presence.

Further along and a young robin came out of the shrubbery to see what was going on in the world.

I was surprised to see some of the blackberries so ripe - seems early to me.

and another visit to the final hide before I left produced this wonderful Moth!
I'd be grateful for an ID please?

Thanks to Maurice, I can now name this as a Poplar Hawk Moth

Back at the ranch, a rather tasty evening meal.

Pete and I debated whether a trip to Norfolk was on for Saturday, but decided it would be a bit light of birds given the time of the year. So we headed of to Hatfield Forest. I love going there for its variety and size.

As we left the car I commented to Pete that his trousers had a hole in them - a case of "The Wrong Trousers" - lol...well it was a warm sunny day ;)

The terns (we saw 3 and a young one) were fishing... I was pleased to get a couple of reasonable shots.

A brood of ducklings, not that old, swam at considerable speed under the watchful eye of Mum.

And this Jackdaw gazed at us imperiously.. Don't know whether the bald pate was through breeding activity or it was suffering from mites!

And a nest of Swallows... two in total I think.
Black Tailed Skimmer

We had a brekkie which was great and naughty; Pete refused the salad bits in his!! And as we sat down on the bench to eat the Mallards and Greylags and their offspring immediately dashed over looking for crumbs!

Wandered a bit further then headed off for.....

Ickworth Park and Gardens - my first visit. It's lovely with vast areas of parkland.

High up at two different levels the "Frescos" are amazing... so much detail.

and home for tea! A welcome cuppa and cooked for again.. I could get used to this ;) Thanks Pete.


Pete said...

my pleasure, I love Ickworth.

nice pics of the tern. they were behaving themselves.


Picturit said...

Excellent set you had a very productive day. Love the Terns

bailey1409 said...

Hi Tricia

The moth is a Poplar Hawkmoth



chris said...

Excellent pictures Tricia... I love the tern shots but your touch in as usual very nice in this message.

Tricia said...

There's so much to explore at Ickworth..and I can see why you love it there! (They even grow salad in the gardens ;) )

Kevin - thank you - It was great and to have such a variety of subject too.

Maurice - as usual you come to my rescue; thank you once again :)

Chris - thank you for your kind comment.

Wilma said...

I enjoyed your weekend outing, Tricia. The tern shots are great, as is the duckling flotilla.


Ragged Robin said...

Some lovely photos there Tricia. Sounds like a lovely day out and I like the hawkmoth!

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