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Saturday, 30 July 2011

Young birds about still at London Wetland Centre

It's a strange thing but I find I have to be in the "right" mood for pictures. I've been out for a couple of days with my grandson (pictures to follow) and today on my own, I went over to Barnes. It was extremely quiet in terms of wildlife and humans! But somehow, I just couldn't get in that "creative" frame of mind for pictures. I hope it comes back soon!

A sleepy young Tufted Duck dozed in the sun (yes... we had some!)

Although it was very quiet, it was great to watch a family of young Reed Warblers being fed by parent. I couldn't get any pictures of that event as they dropped right down in the reeds, but one of the youngsters did pop up briefly to allow a picture of it.

Around in the Wildside a Little Grebe chick was having lunch from Mum/Dad

Insects buzzed about.

And over in Bushy Park, in the usual spot, a pair of Banded Demoiselles became friendly.

and this Long-tailed Tit (one of about 5) paused briefly overhead..

The flowers in the Wildflower meadow at Barnes, really sang out with a zing!

and a few flutters.

A shortish day out today.... hopefully more of my "school holiday" outings ere too long...:)


holdingmoments said...

My spark goes sometimes Tricia.
These are excellent shots, especially those flowers. They jump off the screen!

Tricia Ryder said...

thanks Keith.. I'm in excellent company then :)

A whole bed of the orange flowers - they are stunning!!

Midmarsh John said...

I know that feeling Tricia. I've just been through a couple of weeks where I couldn't find the enthusiasm.
Beautiful wild flowers there.

Tricia Ryder said...

The flowers were glorious John and thanks.

Perhaps we're all victims of lack of cheery sunshine eh...

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