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Wednesday, 20 July 2011

Flora atLondon Wetland Centre

Well... anyone living in the UK will probably be as fed up as I am with this constant rain. The month of July here has been wetter than the traditional wet April... Hopefully we might get a bit of summer in August.. everything tightly crossed eh...

I had a wander around London Wetland Centre yesterday morning. Very light on birds but that's not unusual for this time of the year.

The flowers and colour there are wonderful and congrats to all the gardeners that make the flowers beds/borders so beautiful to look at and enjoy.

It's not only the homo-sapiens that enjoy the abundant flora

Further around the and six-spot Burnet are still evolving

A Moorhen preened..

I was standing very still trying to see what the "little brown job" was flitting through the trees. All was quiet - until - two ladies came along towards me as I stood with the camera poised. They were talking very loudly "Oh what have you seen" they called out to me!! I stated (in a hushed tone) that it was a young robin - they stood in front of me and the camera to have a closer look. I managed to grab a shot between their shoulders before the robin (no doubt alarmed by the bright red of one lady's dress and/or the black dress with bright and large pink spots of the other) shot off across the path into a neighbouring bush.

It was to be a noisy day. As I walked back along the Wildside several large groups of school children were approaching. In amongst them walking towards me was a female Mallard with her 10 children!! The teachers got the (human) children to stand still while Mother Mallard and her brood walked through us all rushing off through the trees to seek sanctuary.

I went from there to Bushy Park but within 10 minutes or so the sun was covered in black cloud the rain soaked me through yet again. Time to go home and change!


susan sammons said...

Lovely photos as always Tricia! I too saw the Mallard and her many 'children', one human child ran after them as they scurried into some bushes and he tried to pick up one of the ducklings! I shouted at him not to touch them. His parents had told him not to get too close but he chose to ignore them but I really think there are too many children there. And if they can't behave then put them on a lead!!! lol!

Pete said...

the mallard chicks are adorable!!

@susan totally agree.

holdingmoments said...

The flowers are beautiful Tricia.

And don't ya just love people like the ones in-between you and the Robin. Complete ^%$£'s!!
As for the kids and the ducklings, I agree with Susan; a lead, or leave them at home.
Cracking pictures of the little ones.

Anonymous said...

Hi Tricia, lovely photo's of the ducklings. Busy time for mum too.
I really do get annoyed when parents let kids run wild near
wildlife, they should be kept on


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