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Tuesday, 6 August 2013

A visit to Arundel Castle and briefly to WWT Arundel

I had something on the agenda today that got re-arranged.  So I decided a trip to Arundel Castle was long overdue...

I had to queue to get in but it is the holiday season and school holidays!  But the weather was great so hardly surprising.

Light was odd today; seemed bright but the camera didn't like it that much.

First a wander throught the Rose Garden..

and then to the Fitzalan Chapel..

via the White Garden

Decided it was a good time to grab something to eat.  I bought a sandwich and drink and wandered out into the garden to eat it.  Picnics are encouraged in the Castle grounds.

I was surprised to see these two Rheas!

The into the Garden areas.... rather beautiful and so much colour!

This garden was filled with dead tree roots... amazing!!

I then visited the Castle Keep climbing several stairs to get to the top.  On one of the ledges, there was a mouse (not a real one however!)

Amazing views...

The River Arun in the distance

These are the 'huts' at WWT Arundel - where the electric boats set out from... great to have this view from the top of the Keep!

There was a Falconry display which I noticed on the way in and on the way out all the birds were resting.

and as I was  virtually on the doorstep of WWT Arundel - I decided to pay a quick visit to see if the two pairs of Swallows were nesting.  Needless to say given that it's the school holidays it was extrememly busy!  At this time of year a visit when they open would be preferable!

The pair in the Reed Bed Hide already had young again... I think 3 but so difficult to see as the nest is tucked away high up.  Several House Martins and Swallows flying about outside the hide and these two posed beautifully for me.

In the educatinal hut immediately next to the hide, this swallow was stilll on the nest.. so I can assume eggs at this stage.

Nice being a tourist today...


Roy Norris said...

Were you using the100-300mm on those swallows Tricia. They look pretty good especially the second which would have been in reduced light.

Tricia Ryder said...

Hi Roy. No... both pics of swallows were with Canon 7D and 100-400. Probably the last pictures you'll see taken with this combo.

I'm selling both and just using the smaller cameras now. Just getting tired of lugging all that weight about.

Mostly I'll lose out on Birds in Flight and anything requiring a really fast focus but I can live with that.

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