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Sunday, 11 August 2013

A visit to Warnhan LNR

Had a domestic morning - which wasn't too bad as I had some torrential showers but after a quick sandwich at lunchtime I popped over to Warnham.  There were various organisations visiting today each with their relevant stall.  Whilst the car park was full there didn't seem many people about... hope all the organisations did well though.

Not that many birds about.  There were various optics for use inside the Tern Hide which was rather nice.  I used one to watch the Common Terns (3 of which are 2nd brood young ones).  Later on in the afternoon we were to observe, sadly, that one of the adults had lost it's right foot!!  From it's behiour and our observations we concluded it must have happened only a very very short while ago.

Just as I left the Tern Hide, near the visitor centre, this Migrant Hawker was hanging around - literally

Off to see what was active around the bird feeders.  This Nuthatch would not pose any more fully than this.

A male Greenfinch

Not an uncommon sight at Warnham.. male Pheasant

Goldfinch on the niger seed..

Quite a few chaffinches about; a female tucking in.

and I've seen very few robins in the last few weeks so good to see this one!

A young (I think) Dunnock

Male and two female Chaffinches

Mallard snoozing in the sun...

A squirrel enjoying the bird seed..

I wandered back; the Migrant Hawker had moved... all of 2 metres and was now haging from the branch of a conifer near the Tern Hide.

  A Mallard Flotilla

and a Grey Heron was lazily fishing... light wasn't that good at this point regretably...

A pleasant couple of hours.... and tomorrow I have the builders in.....


Chris Rohrer said...

Really lovely birds.....the Pheasant photo is striking! I hope they help that little guy out. We occasionally will have similar observations and call a bird in that has been hurt or with fish line, etc. Looks like a nice day though for spotting birds.

oldcrow61 said...

You'd love it in my garden as the Nuthatches are back and forth to the feeders all day. They are so tame that you can almost reach out and touch them. Those dragonflies are fabulous. Great shots as always.

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