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Friday, 23 August 2013

Ratty - along the River bank in Arundel

I had a couple of hurs during the week, so nipped over to WWT Arundel.

It was quite light of birds.. hardly surprising for the time of year

Some Mallard youngsters still about

 A young moorhen

Just a few flutters about

I'd hoped to see the water vole again but to no avail.

HOWEVER,  I had noticed an RSPB 'tent' down by the stream in Mill Road... so I parked the car and went to have a look.

Water Voles had been seen and have their tunnels at the edge of the river bank

and it was there that I saw this one.... it didn't come away from the water's edge below me until it swam, half submerged over to the other side.  BUT lovely to see it and I now know where to look on other occasions.



Rohrerbot said...

Cute little critter:) It's like that here as well....hit or miss with the birds. Some places are just more popular:)

oldcrow61 said...

What a sweet rat. So cute.

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