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Saturday, 26 April 2014

A brief visit to Warnham LNR

The day started with heavy rain then, when that stopped, it was just dull and grey.  I met my daughter for a bit of essential shopping and then on the way home popped into my local... Warnham LNR.

It was still quite dull and fairly bird light.  However, three common Terns were out on the lake; one on the 'goal posts' and the other two were on the tern raft.

and from the Tern hide, a pair of Great Crested Grebes ... fishing.

I wandered along to the hide, but the redpolls and siskins have all gone now.  This handsome chappie was the only visitor

until a Moorhen came to visit

Then, from the Heron Hide, another pair of Grebes... miles away,. so not very good pics

There was a bit of head waggling..

and they, and the other pair disappeared up the lake.

I called in again on my way out, but still the lonely visitor to the feeders..

As I started to drive home, yes....... the sun came out.

Fingers crossed for a visit to Pulborough tomorrow if the rain holds off!!......

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