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Monday, 21 April 2014

A visit to Wrest Park

We drove off early morning in brilliant sunshine to visit Wrest Park.  As we got nearer the sun disappeared behind varying amount of mist... some described as fog!!

However, first to arrive we waiting for the gates to be opened and then started our walk.  It was still very misty and dull!!

 But, gradually, the mist cleared, the sun came out and we cast off our coats... wow what a difference :)

We stopped mid-day for some lunch.  Somehow, English Heritage haven't quite made the standard of National Trust's catering...

And then home... turned out to be a glorious day.... :)


Wilma said...

I really enjoyed (as always) looking at your photos, Tricia. I especially liked the ones that had the long parallel features like tunnels with a view at the end. But I think my favorite is the pink-flowering tree reflected in the pond - so serene and idyllic, almost like falling into a painting.

Dartford Warbler said...

What an amazing place. Almost like a mini version of Versailles. Thank you for all these wonderful photos.

I particularly like the bridge reflected in water and the wagtail.

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