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Sunday, 13 April 2014

A day out in Hastings...

My daughter asked 'fancy a typical day out at the seaside'?  So I joined her and my grandson for a day in Hastings... none of us having been there before.

We parked the car west of the town and walked in.

The pier is being restored... a major storm damaged it in 1990 when it then became closed to the public for while  and the it was victim of a fire in October 2010 when much of the structure was damaged

 We walked along the sea front..

and stopped for a game of crazy golf!!  Despite getting a hole in one, my daughter was still the victor!!

hmmm waffles with syrup and cream anyone?

These a 'smokeries' where fish is smoked... one building leant noticeably to one side

A leaning smokery

Waiting to go up in the funicular railway...

Walking along the top was wonderful :D

and back down at sea level, we had a wander through the Old Town

Hastings is a strange town... some old and unusual buildings but sandwiched inbetween some monstrosities!!  Seems as though planning went by the board!!  Shame really...  And as a town, is seemed rather sad and uncared for.  So many buildings with peeling paint work and at the beginning of the holiday season as well.  Very strange.

A great day out though... so .. thanks Sharon and Josh :D

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